What’s more boring? VW Passat or Top Gear USA (9 Photos and my opinion)

Patrick likes the new Passat because it is made in Tennessee. I like that people are being employed and I love the city of Knoxville. That being said, if I bought the new Passat, I'd want to drink to help forget that I owned a boring Passat. Where as, I make it a point to drink while watching Top Gear USA. In fact, T-G doesn't just bore me. I never know what those "professionally" paid writers are going to have spiky hair and his partners say. I don't want to go off on a tangent but T-G actually brings my blood pressure up a bit. I can take a joke. However, I don't like being the butt of a joke when I haven't done anything stupid. My guess is, every country in the world is making fun of the US for T-G USA. For example. You're racing against a jet in a Ferrari. And you drive that Ferrari the speed limit all the way from LA to Vegas. Other than guessing at what spiky hair is going to say next, there's not much entertainment in the situation.
So the answer to my original question works like this: even though Top Gear has elements of boring it also manages to pisses me off and therefore the Passat is more boring. There is one positive thing to all of this...the new season of Californication began last Sunday. Maybe I'm wrong here, thoughts?

  • MAC

    Yup, I'm glad to have something other than TG-USA to watch on Sunday nights. I've already deleted the season pass.

  • witty176

    yeah its really a shame. They coulda gotten some better hosts/writers. I watched the first couple episodes and had high hopes that it would get better but it never did. oh well there is always BBC America.

  • Ro'

    I will only watchTop Gear BBC UK with Hammond, Clarkson and May.

    All others can GTFO.

    • Jay

      this. A million times this.

      • bud

        agreed. The U.S. version should be pulled

  • Vagabundo

    Being American and loveing top gear let me just say, Top gear USA blows. Thank goodness for the BBC

  • Scott

    TG:USA might be getting worse instead of better over time. Whether it is or not the whole thing feels like it’s being read off a script. Everything has been neutered, and they couldn’t even come up with a better intro for The Stig than “take it away Stig”. TG:USA needs to completely start over, which is especially sad since there have only been like 7 episodes.

  • V.A.

    See, what TG US doesn't get is acting like douchebags is funny. Actually BEING douchebags… not so much.
    I'll stick with Jezza, Hammond and Captain Slow, thanks.

  • Jason Dawe

    Has anyone watched the first season of Top Gear UK (2002)? It was even worse than the first season of Top Gear USA, give it a chance!!

    • Its-a me, Mario

      The point is this: They call it Top Gear US. You cant help but compare. If they dont want people to compare – dont call it Top Gear!

      Call it Fifth Gear US and everybody will see that the show is average and sometimes good.

  • 8888

    Ok, give me a "not boring" car for the same money. Also reason?

    • Rick

      A used 2002 Passat b/c it looks better than '11 model

  • marshy

    Being English and having watched Top Gear on the BBC since it started ….somewhere in the mists of time back in 1978….when it sucked badly but was still better than most stuff. Then in 2002 we got a revamped version and not it's just the best program……………..in the world!

    The US version is just shit, watched the first episode and realize they need 3 things, decent presenters, a decent scriptwriter and the element of danger that Clarksons mouth brings.


  • Jezza Blows Hamster

    I don't care much for TG US, but TG UK has become a weekly half hour penis extension for Clarkson and, to a slightly lesser extent, Hammond. It used to be a decent, entertaining show but now everything is so staged and so contrived that I don't believe a single thing that takes place on the show is for real. If I find myself watching it, it's as a form of self flagellation, like when I watch Family Guy. You can say all you like that Clarkson and Hammond are "acting" like D-bags but the simple fact is that they aren't actors, so what you're looking at is merely an exaggeration of their d-baggery.

  • pet

    completely right. i gave top gear usa a fighting chance of watching 3 episodes (only because the original was on break) and i can still taste the vomit in my mouth. disgusting.
    try as you might, yankees, but but you cant copy top gear. how about a fresh idea? and by fresh i dont mean having the 3 biggest douches… in the WORLD! presenting the program.

  • P90

    Top Gear (UK) is one of my favourite programmes. The good thing about it is that it's funny, I'm not even that into cars but I can sit and watch TG with both my mum and sister and we all end up laughing like idiots, it's one of the few programmes we all enjoy.

  • andysniper

    the rest of the world isn't making fun of TGUSA because the rest of the world doesn't watch TGUSA

  • Rob

    I love Top Gear (notice that I didn't put 'US' after that!) The American franchise of it sucks more than a prostitute with no teeth!

    On a side note #7 Madeline Zima can play with my stick shift all day long!

  • whatthe

    We had a Top Gear Australia – it failed as well.

    Top Gear is made by the great personalities they have in the UK. Unless you can find the same or better, your show will fail too.

    • Rick

      correct me if I'm wrong, there have been 3 attempts at TG Australia? I heard the 3rd one did ok

  • noTGAmerica

    Anything with Rutlege in it is lame..
    ( probably spelled his name wrong but that's just how much I think he is a fool )

  • o.0

    #9 that is all.

  • frogger0000

    After having been on life support from the very first episode, TG: US died a very final death for me when Rutledge taunted what's-his-name from the cab at the Vegas airport by yelling out the window, "Hey! Anyone seen a guy in a girly Ferrari?". Girly. Ferrari. On Top Gear. Really? That man is a stain on the soul of humanity, not to mention the show.

  • MeLlamo

    The new Passat is actually being made in Chattanooga, TN. I have an inlaw who is the plant manager.

    • Rick

      Sorry about the frame of ref, the day before, Patrick had made a post about the Passat being made at a plant in Chattanooga. I was just saying, I like the city of Knoxville b/c U of T is fun to party at.

  • McBeastie

    Still would have loved to have seen the Top Gear USA pilot that Adam Corrolla made.

    • the old guy

      That may not have been too bad.
      I recall that Corolla/Kimmel version of "The Man Show" was pretty good. But when they turned it over to those other human stains it went downhill immediately.

      It seems that some producers just don't get "it".

  • RideRed31B

    if u imagined that you never seen top gear BBC UK then top gear US really aint that bad of a show……just saying

  • Ben

    Long time Top Gear UK lover, i wanted to like the US version. I tried, i really, really did. but they are doing exactly what has been done on the UK show. Only difference is they manage to destroy each and every episode and piss me off. It seem so staged.

  • Giggitty

    Forget both the VW and Top Gear US – Californication is a great show and will fill the void of both those monstrosities.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Never watched top gear, no opinion. Never watched californication either, but I think I want Duchovny's job. based on these pics I might start watching.
    #2 #3 #4

  • I am not the Stig

    Top Gear US should be filed under the category of EPIC FAIL. It had the potential to be great, but turned out to be a poor imitation at best. Poor writing, no personality, and calling the hosts retarded does a disservice to the handicapped.

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