Everything we love about Merica that other countries love to hate (21 photos)

  • Wolfram

    Would be nice if there was some pictures to go with that headline.

    EDIT: yay fixed. #12 must be #8's "special place"

  • the bossman

    ahhh firsties?!

    • LeonardoB

      Ahhh spastic, go and play in the traffic like a good gimp.

      #1 is England as is Brunells ATrain-ATrain in#12

  • nemesis

    #1 must refer to the England part of 'Merica, right?

    • misstaylor

      You beat me to it. That's 100% british (unfortunately!) What a bell end- the knob 'ed on the fire farting shit mobile, not you :0)

      • nemesis

        Everything about it is British. The house in the background, the lines on the road, the twat chav on the moped, his tosser friend taking the picture, my eagerness to bitch about the whole thing…

        • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek @Gingergreek


    • Ric

      Totally England….

    • Jay

      if you really look at it, the flag looks kinda shopped too…

      • nemesis

        I'm not sure whether you're being sarcastic or not, but I'll go with not.

        20 minutes ago, there was no flag in that picture. The Chivesters are fucking with us and I say, Bravo.

    • jrj

      And #6 is Australia. Chive, think you are selling yourself short here. There are so many other things the world hates about Merica, The way you spell America just for a start…. but so many others…
      Mostly not Americans, although.. Mainly, you are NOT our sheriff.

  • Apollos

    we'll kill you in your sleep on Christmas…don't fuck with us.

    • kaveman4130

      SMOKE METH !

  • Deesus

    Y U no post pictures here?!!!!!!

  • jabroni

    #12 Haters gonna hate, until the zombie apocalypse arives

    • jabroni


    • nemesis

      He won't see it coming, he'll be too busy fapping to close-ups of his friend-zone girl's avatar on Second Life on his huge screen.

      • jabroni

        well played, sir

  • Rodd Hungwell

    #13 ……makes me furious!!

    • Whatever

      It shouldn't. The dem party that everybody believes in? That's satire right out of the door. Nobody believes in the dam party. Silly.

    • DaddyD

      The fact that the shape is coming down on the right makes it clear that someone changed "Republican" to "Democratic."

      • aosux

        Either way, bipartisan politics is the main problem contributing to the cluster fuck that is 'Merica right now.

    • aosux

      That actually makes more sense with the pic change

    • larsl

      Me too, everyone can see that's not a Glock

      • sparticus613


        you make me laugh because my wife slapped me for saying the very same thing. Thank you.

    • Eli

      yeah I'm with you ..thats not a glock

    • Nicnac

      Now that we have the correct picture, never mind that the kid is holding a gun. Who calls their infant a retard?

    • Daniel Holcombe

      I know right…. That's not a glock…. Guess retarded parents have retarded kids.

    • kay

      I know. I'm mad too. It's not a Glock. He doesn't even know it isn't a Glock.

  • BigDingo

    …. F*CK YEAH!

  • Scott

    #10 not a glock

    • BobSugar

      not a glock picture

      • ...

        If you look at some of the other comments at the beginning, it seems like some of the pictures were changed around after they were already posted.

        • BobSugar


  • jon

    1st one definitely ENGLAND!

  • Persico

    First pic in the everything we love about Merica is a pic from the UK…. bravo!

  • ID10T

    is #11 that thing from that Will Smith movie Wild Wild West?

    • Luke

      Is that a Herman Miller Aeron chair?

    • Logic76

      That is fucking awesome

    • Shiyan

      Did you notice the lightsaber replica in the case under the barrel of the Barrett on the top shelf?

  • ima dumass

    first picture isn't even in america

  • Tom

    1 AND 11 English… Double fail

  • Tom


  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #17 is very probably Australia….

    • AnyoneforCoffee

      Make that #6 now Chive have rearranged the photos!

      • Crystal

        Yep I agree….. pretty sure that's Australia during the recent floods, probs either Queensland or Victoria. Plus check out those gum trees

        • Mick

          Give me a home among the Gum Trees.
          Glad you pointed it out. They have to be Aussies.

  • Grifo

    Aww, that pig is using that kid as a pillow.

  • maxwell1965x

    # 15 is hilarious! If only Norman Rockwell was alive today…

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Yeahbeer


  • Justin Hall

    #9 is totally irresponsible. She should be wearing a seatbelt.

    • Joe Johnson

      This is British Columbia, not America…..FAIL

  • aosux

    #19 That guy is the shit! I avoided the obvious because it is getting old.

  • aosux

    I want that HEMI hat

  • Phillip

    #5 could now be facing mulitple lawsuits for copyright infringement

  • HankT

    See I'm American and I hate fat people too…

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    This proves what a shit hole cuba is. What, no fat people with McDonald's tats? I'm fucking outta there.

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