Vintage New York City (28 HQ photos)

  • Lauren Gentile

    Such an awesome post – thanks Chive! In #1 it looks like the guy is fleeing the scene of a crime…so I'm going with that one as my favorite. Super cool. 🙂

    • Frankie Muniz

      I would love to know the date of that photo and many others posted. I tried counting the stars on the American Flag, but……

      Anyhow, vintage photos are great, they remind of us of who we are in a way…

      • quintus

        From Malcolm in the Middle?

    • Jak

      This was a kickass post…except for the nazi blimp #4

      • Joe Pancake

        Zeppelins are awesome, idk what the fuck you're talking about

    • Frankyfive

      Hasn't changed one bit. Only the building on the right which is now a hat store.

    • Justin Hall

      This bar still exists in NYC. The oldest bar in the city. I'd recommend it to anyone visiting Manhattan. They serve only two drafts: light and dark, but it's damn good.

  • Charles

    AMAZING! love this post! #9

  • frankfm

    new york being a city like a BOSS

  • ssf

    #28 Coolest dude ever. "I just killed some Nazis. Get over here, you silly dame, and give me some"

    • Jimmy

      since he is wearing a navy outfit and it is V-J Day I would think he just got done killing some Japanese…just sayin'

      • ssf

        Well, he probably just borrowed his brother's uniform and decided to sexually assault a bunch of women.

      • Lokobo

        I wonder if he got any V-J that day……… BAM!

    • marie

      considering that he did this to a few more totally strangers (women) on the street, the fact is that after this kiss the woman slapped his face real hard
      really kills the legend of the photo 😦 that's too sad…
      you can google it

  • aaron

    It's strange how parts of New York are in black and white while others are in full color. How does that even happen? It just blows my mind. I would have had to live in the full color section of New York for sure. I don't care how much extra it would have cost.

    • Kevin

      Nowadays, it's the B&W sections that are ridiculously expensive, because there are so few left.

      • aaron

        That makes sense, supply and demand.

      • Dave Gal

        Also, there's the whole retro thing.

      • Lokobo

        I don't get it. I've never seen any whites in the black neighborhoods. Normally black neighborhoods are very cheap.

    • Jimmy

      made my day, thank you lolol

  • RGH

    Very cool post. New York is lacking in zeppelins today. We need more zeppelins.

    • FullBlownStoned

      We need more Led Zeppelin.

    • MiPod

      There should be a Chive Zeppelin.

    • Guse

      The other universe still has them.

      • aosux

        But we have our Olive back!

        • Eddie

          Could have sworn her name was Olivia.

  • lidalida

    #23 Imma be sellin these all day. Bitcheeeees

    • IrishImmigrant

      Run away!

  • BSS

    Awesome. Don't get to NY, but cool anyway. Like the now and then posts. Wonder if anyone has some now pictures that line up with these.

  • italybittaly

    those cars in 9 are awesome

  • we all got aids

    #4 swastika blimp?

    • TitoRigatoni

      Hindenburg. History much?

  • @mycharliecat

    awesome post!
    I love #26, and #9

    • BloodScrubber

      Nostalgic Americana……always a winner.

  • C.W. Muse

    #1 is still there and looks just like that. You can have two things to drink: light beer or dark beer. Thats it!
    Coal stove, big oak tables and that place!

    • Sn can

      You also have to order in "two's" – can't order just 1 (and I like the sawdust floors!)

    • Screwdriver

      I go to NY about twice a year and always hit up McSorleys….always get a both light and dark beer with the cheese. crackers and onions…and that spicy mustard.

    • Paul Bloedel

      We sit at the same table, right next to the stove. I burn myself every time.

    • Dave Mitchell

      light or dark MxSorley's ALE–thet do NOT sell beer here!

  • TJRev

    Amazing post. Made my morning.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    ah the good old days, when life was simpler and everything was great. but they didnt have thechive, so im sticking to the present.
    cheers, beers

  • Not Barry Gibb

    This thread has TONS of these photos:

  • Dapper Dan Man

    #28 love my city

    • marie

      she slapped him afterwards because he was a total stranger and he actually did it to a few more girls on the street

  • Anon

    #1 McSorley's is awesome

    • kurt

      love that bar

  • Rett

    #23 Gonna sell this bitch some sweet potatoes. Bitches love sweet potatoes.

  • Greg Girardo

    #23 Imma get that bitch some taters… bitches love taters!

  • GoSox!!

    #19. dumb New Yorkers. They can't even tell the difference between a train and a ferry. Yankees Suck.

    • sully23

      Wow let me guess you're a Boston Red Sux fan huh? Lame. NYC=greatest city in the world

  • Joben

    They should take this gallery and find new pictures of the same places. I think it would be pretty cool to see the comparison

  • red_head_rach

    Love this post!
    Thanks Chive! :]

  • jay22

    #1 1947. Its crazy how fast we developed. When is the last time you saw a skyscraper being built? Now we just live on the progress of our grandparents. It would be nice to see more physical stuff being made in the USA rather than buying from China.

    • brandino

      Ignoramus. Cheaper goods means more goods. Why should I care whether my t shirt is made by some stranger who happens to speak my language from Michigan rather than some other stranger who doesn't speak my language from Hunan? The "Buy American" slogan signals nothing but economic ignorance.

    • milesAtx

      go to a city that is still growing..

    • WTO

      What about the Frank Gehry skyscraper by the Brooklyn Bridge? That's one of the most attractive buildings to be built in the past decade (to be completed this year I think)

  • JKMcD

    #1 Popped into McSorely's last week fo a pair of darks and warm up next to the Franklin stove. Try the mutton sammich. Terrific. The joint hasn't changed at all since 1854. #4 is probably the Hindenburg prior to fonduing them Nazi bastards. #2 , the corner by the Faltiron – none of that has changed; all of the surrounding buildings still stand. Awesome post – thanks from NYC.

  • Salsa

    Then or now, i'd take NYC anyday! Amazing pics!
    #9 is just… wow!

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