Some doors think out of the box, others should not (35 Pictures)

  • @3lementalmagick

    #31 #25 #20 #22 #23 – Doing it right for lambo doors, dihedral synchro-helix and gull wing. Everything else that tries, fails… However, slide down downs and suicide doors, quite cool.. But only on the right car!

  • Don

    OK, most of the lambo's and gullwings suck but suicide doors on a Lincoln Continental rock

  • Jimmy

    #2 Pure style baby

  • Trent

    #14 lol

  • minnyvw

    still not too many car doors can top this, old or new #11

    • PolygonPoop

      Agreed. Best implementation of suicide doors ever…

  • Angheet Singh

    This just gave me a crazy thought. What if I had a gull-wing front door to the house? I guess it would be possible in some way, if I install any perth doors sideways.

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