Shit Detroit, get it together! (32 photos)

The series of photos was captured by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre on a mission to document the decline of an American city. Their book “The Ruins of Detroit“, a document of decaying buildings frozen in time, was published in December 2010.

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  • jamie

    i clicked to purchase ruins of detroit, saw it was 80 bucks nice is it a fucking book…………………. weak.

    • jamie

      just read the description haha that explains.

    • tarancara

      probably self published? They're usually way expensive.

    • Brian

      $80 appears to be a bargain right now. The link says it is back ordered, and take a peek at the Amazon prices:

  • Steven Vargas

    reminds me of FALLOUT

    • Vinegar

      I was going to say the exact same thing. They should make a Fallout Detroit and just use actual video footage.

    • Daith_Lee

      Yeah it does…With Three Dog on the radio…

      • Steve

        Yep looks a lot like Fallout…Post-apocalyptic world, meet Detroit, present day. Enjoy.

        • Jessica Condrey

          you beat me to it 😉 Scaving in the wastes

    • kid rock

      I love this city!

    • William Marble

      lol good call

    • Irishstephen

      Read my mind bro – the Universal Theater would make for an epic battle scene…

    • BBL

      I was think Silent Hill…. without the fog and the f**ked up zombie nurses.

      • DrROBOTO

        #3 reminded me of the 2nd zombie level insane asylum…right?!

    • Silent Majority

      Every city has the occasional abandoned building..what makes Detroit so bad is that the houses are all falling apart and people can't be bothered to clean their yards.
      They all live in shitty houses that are falling apart, but they all seem to drive Escalades and benz's….This is what happens when you have an almost 100% black population and all black leadership!

      • greasdupdeafguy

        dass racist, and also very stupid

      • thomf

        It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with decades of Democrat politics and unions ruining the industries.

        • BlueNirvanna

          don't even try blaming democrats. Republicans and Democrats have been in taking turns with Detroit forever.

          People need to take responsibility for themselves. It always them never us they think, and this is the result of that ignorance.

        • its_forge

          LOL @ Democrats fault. Yes, I'm sure Republican leadership was totally powerless all the various times it's been in charge over the past 100 years in Detroit.

        • sickofexcuses

          i live in detroit and you're an idiot

      • Chris Arabian

        Shall I call you Mein Fuhrer or Grand Wizard now?

        The plight of Detroit is not a black problem, is not a Democrat vs. Republican problem, it's due to one simple fact. Detroits economy relied on the Big 3 Automakers. When an entire citie's economy is based on 1 industry and 3 companies, and every other personal business venture ties in with it, the cities infrastructure and economy will collapse if the main source of revenue collapses.

        Go check out old Mining towns that relied on mining to survive. What happened to them when the mines closed? Same thing but on a much smaller scale. The Big 3 Automakers struggled for the past 20 years to build quality products worthy of their ticket price, they couldn't compete with foreign imports, couldn't adapt quick enough, ran a 'fat' business and finally collapsed. When they collapsed, Detroit and it's entire infrastructure and economy went with it.

        • Chris Arabian

          Know who ran the big 3 Automakers? Rich, out of touch Republican White Men who's grandparents shipped in black workers from all over the country because they could pay them dirt cheap wages and not worry about working conditions, until the federal government (Under OSHA) FORCED them to improve wages, benefits, and Health & Safety. It's now the descendants of those same black workers brought in decades ago who suffered the full force of the auto industry collapse, while the descendants of the rich owners of these companies flew IN PRIVATE JETS to Washington looking for handouts, bailouts, and in the end none of that money ended up where it was needed most, in the factories and households that built Detroit and the Auto Industry in the first place.

          • crh

            Yeah those unions improved wages so much they have guys they dont need making $80/hr they cant fire reading the paper in the breakroom daily. And you wonder why we cant compete with imports? An American car cost about thousands more to make just due to extreme union benefits and pay. The unions fucked themselves out of the job just as much as management screwed the pooch causing the unions to come into power to begin with.

            • its_forge

              Yes, it's absolutely all entirely the fault of the clock-punching working stiffs, no doubt ::nod::

              LO fucking L

    • fire

      i love you man

      • Meinfurry


  • @StrongAsMeat

    #21 I want that anatomy dude!

    • SFD

      i thought the same thing

    • James

      Guess you didn't pay attention to the anatomy section of the biological sciences……that's a anatomy dudette…

    • JP Souza

      You need it more than you think!

    • Evil Dung Beetle

      Yeah, try putting a comma after anatomy.

  • Verbal_Kint


    • jaynecobb2


    • barfbag

      Derp. Nope.

  • mao

    detroit is just an example to what future US cities 'll look like in the next few decades.

    • America

      If Obama and similar types are left in control, you are unfortunately correct.

      • LeaveOpinionsHome

        Stop bringing politics onto the Chive, asshat.

        • America

          Then the chive should stop showing political pics. For the record, that was not an opinion. It was FACT.

          • Durrrrr

            How are these political? If you want to blame anyone blame auto makers for making terrible business decisions and making shit products. Subsequently forcing jobs out of the city and the decline of the city.

            • Owen Smithers

              Yes, they made some really bad choices. They also had many things forced on them by government. Then the problem was exaserbated by rewarding those bad decisions and gov't mandates by bailing them out with tax payer money. OUR money. Taken and redistributed unconstitutionally by no choice of our own except a tiny vote for our representatives in Congress and a president. We need to start following our constitution (or amend it) and voting with our dollars.

              • its_forge

                You can NOT blame government for what happened to the US auto industry. They spent BILLIONS buying votes to keep government from regulating them. Whatever regulations got through were so pantywaist as to be laughable, and Tokyo and Seoul kicked their asses from the very first models released, effortlessly.

          • matt

            yeah, because this looks like the amount of break down that takes place in a 3 year span

          • Mickael Duncan

            I think you need to look up fact in the dictionary.

          • its_forge

            No, it's not, it's an opinion, and you're entitled to it, but you're certainly not entitled to your own individual special set of facts that are the opposite of everyone else's. For one thing, Obama is the most pro-corporate Democrat ever elected to the White House and it looks like that's all we're in for, for the rest of the lives of anyone reading this. Hope y'all like being proletariats of a fascist oligarchy.

          • texican426


        • NothingToSeeHere

          I'd thumbs-up @LeaveOpinionsHome twice if I could.

          • that guy

            sorry to see that truth offends so many

            • thomf

              Decades of Democrat politics and unions.

              • RAS

                That's the ticket!

              • wherebpaddy

                What decades of Democrat politics and unions? Republicans owned the government for the majority of the last 11 years. Remember the bailouts were started under George W. Bush, as was the largest expansion of the federal government in the last 40 years. I don't like the Republican-era policies Obama continues to this day (tax cuts for the richest 1-3% of Americans, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and deciding against the EPA over clean air regulations). However, you cannot blame Democrats for the mess we are all in without throwing blame on Republicans as well. To do otherwise demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of American politics and governance.

      • Liam Farley

        He truly did little for america, I hope your a disappointed intelligent democrat, not some retarded republican.

    • chris

      I that is the main problen with this contry ppl are focused on finger pointing instead of a solid plan to put on the path to greatness again.

      • JHL1

        Yes and it's all your fault.

    • its_forge

      Nnnnnnnnnnno, because other US cities don't base their entire economy on a buggy-whip industry like giant iron American piece of shit cars.

  • Zach

    Unbelievable! How does a city come to this?

    • BIll57

      that's what happens when an industry leaves and or goes out of business

      • truth

        And why does and industry leave/go out of business? In many cases in Detroit it is a result of decades of local liberal/social policy and union control. This is all counter to a true free-enterprise system. Congrats leftists. In this case, you won.

        • Owen Smithers

          I agree. This is excellent evidence. There are a ton of problems with the free-enterprises system, but it also affords the greatest level of individual freedom and societal advancement. Someone said it best – Free Market Capitalism is the WORST economic system…next to all the others.

          I think people are finally waking up to this, and American will have a bright future if we embrace it.

          • truth

            Not next to all the others, the quote was "except for all the others." Sorry, but big difference.

            Excellent points made.

            • Owen Smithers

              Thanks for the correction. You're right, there is a distinct difference.

              • Zeitgeist


          • dadawg77

            I so look for to living in the world of the "Jungle" Remember this country was laissez-faire until the President Roosevelt. But still was laissez-faire enough that Harding wouldn't take any action to help with the depression. The next President Roosevelt had to pick up the pieces and move the country forward. I guess those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

        • julio

          more like government corruption and the auto makers making poor decisions…at one time, when cars were sold for a modest profit and were built entirely by hand, Detroit was thriving…unions came in, demanded a few things, auto makers said sure, fuck it, we'll raise the price and lower the quality of the product…then they figured fuck it, we can get robotic car builders and fire 80% of our workers allowing us to make well over 1000% profit on our even shittier products…napalm the city and start the fuck over

        • Nicnac

          If you think the other party is going to make it all righty tighty, you're playing right into Washington and Wall Streets greedy hands.

        • Chris Arabian

          Get over yourself Tea Bagger. It was because of decades of poor government management on ALL levels, republican and democrat, it was an inability for the auto industry to adapt to a changing marketplace, it was the stubborness of the people running the big 3 to adapt and stop thinking they were entitled to having the biggest share of the auto industry. The leaders of the big 3 had as much if not more to do with the collapse of the Auto Industry in America and the delapidation of Detroit than anyone else. Believe me I'm not a Union guy, I hate unions but the blame for Detroit goes far beyond employee wages. Your posts seem to stink of personal agenda.

        • its_forge

          ::snicker:: You. I bet you actually believe that bunch of hooey don't you?

      • float

        Black people….honestly, black ppl, black politicians and the people who put black ppl in power…

        • Jen

          aren't you a fudcking retard

        • Chris Arabian

          go back to watching NASCAR and drinking Moonshine Grand Wizard.

          • Paul

            I watch NASCAR and have drank moonshine, however I am not a member of the kkk. Also, I find myself to be politically moderate ( I may lean a little more right than left on most issues). Don't let this obvious troll make you resort to stereotyping.

    • BulletproofMonk

      Liberals and democrats.

      • ag8d

        Please, Detroit's decline is an example of labor mobility from an area of poor jobs, albeit an exceptional example. The depth of the recession is likely fueled by the huge deficit which all politicians are to blame for, and by the international crisis which is somewhat beyond our control. These trashed sites are usually just hidden from your eyes because state or federal funding pays to demolish old buildings and clean things up … and that funding is now scarce for obvious reasons. Don't join the idiotic ideological mass.

        • truth

          wow.. so all this decay just happened? you are sad sir

        • Ezee

          And yet other areas grow and thrive? Why? Policies to go easy on criminals. That contributes to labor mobility. A city income tax. A state income tax. Why does Texas continue to grow? Few to none of these factors.

          Education that fails students, students that fail education. But I am sure they have high self esteem.

          Recession? This has been happening since the 70's.

          And, all parties? The left has been in power the entire time.

          • intissrsbuisness

            I blame blah blah blah…. im chivin mutha fuckers, who cares about your opinions.

            • its_forge


          • its_forge

            All of those things apparently because you said so even though all of it is provably untrue. Sure whatever pal.

            • yup

              Please prove it then. Yeah, that's what I thought douche bag

              • its_forge

                If "liberal policy" killed Detroit, then why does San Francisco thrive? If "liberal education policies" destroyed Detroit, then why is Michigan one of the top 5 states for percentage of high school graduation? You said these things, it's actually up to you to prove them. Prove "liberals" are easy on crime. LOL that should be fun. Texas "continues to grow" because it has never had any restriction on how low you can pay a worker, how poorly you can treat them, or how much pollution you can dump into the world while you churn out whatever garbage it is you make to sell to… whoever manages to still make enough money to buy them. You said what you said, YOU prove it.

      • its_forge

        I for one blame anyone who isn't just exactly like me. ::nod::

    • Red

      Well, you have a city that was owned by the United Auto Workers Union. How's that union representation working for ya now?

      • Hurricane

        Exactly! Where are the union leaders now? all out in the suburbs living in nice paid for houses with two cars in the driveway while their union brethen lose their house and have to move somewhere else where there is still work to be had. Companies didn't make this mess. Unions with WAY too much power and militancy did. Either give in to the unions demands and raise prices on cars or go under. Looks like same result, just a longer time frame.

    • whosetruth?

      Not only white flight from school desegregation and riots of 1968, but the flight of all people who could afford to leave the city — also decline in auto industry due to poor management conceding too much to unions and the perception of lower quality by the buying public — no federal trade protection against foreign competitors — city government corruption — the perfect storm — you can be a simpleton and blame "liberals" if you like — won't help much though

      • truth

        We agree. What you state is a result of largely liberal policies

        • Owen Smithers

          [chuckling quietly to myself]

          • float

            why chuckle quietly, fag? go ahead and laugh the fuck out loud

            • Owen Smithers


              • reggie

                no actually hes paritally right. when you give a city a black mayor like detroit did (coleman young… ie. soulman young) he gives tax breaks to minority (black) business owners and raises taxes on the whites, he drove them all out of the city. it turned into a ghetto where the only rules are street rules and even the cops are afraid to go out at night. anarchy reigns.

                then the auto industry and leftist government in the state of michigan started sticking their nose where it didnt belong and fucked everything up for us. auto companies bailed out leaving us with a shitstorm.

                bottom line is though, i could go through detroit and take 20 pictures of the nicest places and you would think it was LA or hollywood. its all in perspective

        • its_forge

          ::points at you and tries to laugh but doesn't because you are sad::

      • cag

        the lib's were in charge the whole time, dude. Even before the riots happened, and before the car companies had any troubles, Detroit became a pilot city for progressive policies in the 50's.


        • its_forge

          Huh, then how come San Francisco is such a success?

    • psadna1

      It happens when the CITIZENS of the city don't give a shit about the city. It's not the businessmen and politicians who set up drug houses, burn houses, and run the good people out of town. Automotive employees moved OUT of the city. It's hard to do much with government when such a huge percentage of your citizens are unemployed, and/or on welfare- even when economic times are GOOD.

    • Kevin Knight

      Easy you ever see that terrible Tru TV show Hardcore Pawn? Yeah it's also in Detroit. I wouldn't make things nice, clean and classy for those type of people either.

    • Paddy

      its called Crack

  • MOAR

    All you're missing is a picture of Kid Rock to complete the post.

    • Short Bus All Stars


    • Roscoe

      You don't have to like his music, but at least he's honest about what he is and what he isn't. And he's committed to helping his hometown. I admire the guy.

      • DrROBOTO

        plus what he did for that little guy was pretty cool too

  • Bryan Williams

    This is the result of America not manufacturing anything. Capitalism at it's best!

    • truth

      Or lack of capitalism. Try liberal union control.

    • Matt

      haha, this is the result of 50 years of Democrat and Union control

      • truth


        • Bob

          IDIOT…exact opposite of capitalism….Lets see if Onomo's union buddies make the rest of the country look like this. I mean, all janitors at G.M. (government motors) should make $55 an hour…right ?We wonder why we don't have jobs in the U.S. ??? Remember, If you voted for O-no-bama in "08" to prove you weren't racist – PLEASE, please vote for SOMEBODY else in "12" to prove you're not STUPID…

          • CaptainInsano

            Manufacturing will show a trend to revert back to the U.S. as the yuan gains on the dollar and overall wealth in China provides demand for higher end U.S. products. It's a cyclical thing.

            • MikeD

              Not to mention that China is having their own problems with their economy right now. The fact that they have been keeping their money artificially deflated and now inflation is starting to hit them, it's going to hit HARD. They are only temporarily in a better position until reality comes crashing in on them as well.

          • truth

            In case you missed it bob, the "exactly" response was to Matt, not the insane person starting this thread saying it was capitalism's fault

          • Bongzilla420

            Every election is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

            • Owen Smithers

              Then at least think it through and choose the lesser of the two evils. Apathy results in the worst choice.

              • MikeD

                But isn't it sad that we have to choose between the lesser of two evils instead of choosing the one with the best ideas.

                • Owen Smithers

                  Yes it is. But sometimes you have to make compromises. And the more effort we put into choosing, the more we learn and consider, and that results in better future choices.

                  I would ask people to consider first in any voting decision, which choice ensures the most freedom and work forward from there. Without individual freedom, all else is moot.

                • its_forge

                  Yup, elections for me since I was old enough to vote (1980) have been "let's see, the pathetic wimp who will fuck everything up or the raging asshole who will fuck it up worse?"

                  • BIll57

                    been that way for as long as I can remember way before 1980 like 1960 when John Kennedy got into office

          • realtruth

            Saturating the technical labor market with H1-B visas is driving down wages. I'm guessing that you are using your computer at work – so you might identify with this. The market should decide wages – not importing talent under John McCain's bill to import 200K workers per year.

            • F. Gump

              Damn, that is the most intelligent comment I have seen here in a while. It is a wonder why most people how no frickin' clue. Many of the jobs that haven't been shifted overseas are now being taken by foreign workers. Others are being filled by non-paid interns who have to compete in the hopes of eventually getting hired at a crap wage. This is your future 'Merica….wake the phuck up already!

            • its_forge

              You may be right but I'm not entirely sure, education in the US is so goddamn dismal it's hard to FIND any US-born technical people with enough on the ball to build a halfway decent project without fucking it up.

              • BIll57

                people who do have the knowledge become over qualified for the job. I know quite a few people who would take the work at a lower pay scale simply to have income, but the companies think you won't stay they would rather hire dummys and train them

                • its_forge

                  A lot of those kind of tech jobs that I see never last longer than the project the tech was hired for lasts anyway.

          • Jim

            Manufacturing has moved out of America because workers have fewer rights in other countries. The question is, which is the lesser of two evils?
            Oh, and unless another compelling candidate comes up to the plate (which hasn't happened yet, the democrats haven't really presented anyone but Obama and the republicans just have all these far right clowns who are basically running on the platform that they aren't Obama – much like John Kerry in '04), I'll be voting for Obama.

            • its_forge

              ^^^ That. Nobody whose platform includes taking rights away from people because of who they are or outlawing a medical procedure because a minority of people think it's a sin is ever going to get my vote no matter how much I agree with what they say their fiscal policies are.

            • BIll57

              you are going to vote for a person who at every chance takes your rights away? you will vote for more socialism? will you vote for your basic freedoms to disappear? Good luck with that

              • its_forge

                "More socialism" LOL see in this case, the word "socialism" means "the tax money I pay in actually goes to support people like me instead of just bolstering the salaries of millionaire CEOs." I'm all for that kind of socialism. And how pray tell does Obama in fact take anyone's rights away? Please?

                • BIll57

                  you are beinig sarcastic I pray if not do some reading and educate yourself. everyday the social programs he makes into laws take your rights and freedoms away all you have to do is read the policy changes. but f you need an example.Obama Care: forces you as a single guy You must buy a policy that covers ambulatory patient services, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment; prescription drugs; rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices; laboratory services; preventive and wellness services; chronic disease management; and pediatric services, including oral and vision care.
                  You’re a single guy without children? Tough, your policy must cover pediatric services. You’re a woman who can’t have children? Tough, your policy must cover maternity services. You’re a teetotaler? Tough, your policy must cover substance abuse treatment.
                  just one of a 1,000 instances you want more?

                  • its_forge

                    The Affordable Care Act does no such damned thing, there's no insurance on Earth that would require a man to purchase maternity care, that's just stupid, and Obama may be an annoying fuckup but he's not stupid. I don't know where you get your information but it's really, really wrong. This is nothing but a string of right-wing talking points, Bill.

                  • its_forge

                    And further, requiring coverage is a good thing. About 2/3 of the country's 50 million uninsured people are idiots who think "oh I'm not going to get sick" and then when they do, they suddenly realize oh shit, one day in Intensive Care is twenty-five thousand dollars, what the fuck do I do now? And throw themselves on the mercy of the public hospital system that's required to help them. And that ends up costing you, me, and everybody else more and more and more money. Whereas if they'd just get a goddamn health policy for $50 a week, or less, since y'know, they're all young and healthy and don't smoke and so on and so forth, they'd be covered and the public hospitals wouldn't have to go scratch for enough money to take care of them when they inevitably get something horrible. And then, you see, you have a risk pool completely full of people who are a LOW RISK, and that way, you can also acceptably outlaw that stupid fucking "pre-existing condition" bullshit where for most insurers, pre-existing conditions include things like being black or having breasts. Not making that up either. Know how I know? My wife's an insurance broker. Don't try to bullshit me.

      • yehapuio

        closer to all politicians, unions (old) and lobbyists (new)

      • Fuck you is my name

        Christ you're a shit for brains. First of all, this country never had greater prosperity than when there were strong unions that created a strong middle class (see 1940 through 1970). It was only when the Republicans and their outsourcing corporate benefactors started to destroy the unions did we get to the point where we are now. Not only did they castrate the unions, outsource low-skill manufacturing to third world countries, gut the middle class, and turn this formerly great country into the festering turd it is now, THEY MANAGED TO CONVINCE MILLIONS OF CREDULOUS RETARDS LIKE YOU TO ACTUALLY BEND OVER AND SAY YOU LIKE IT.

        Fuckface, you will never be rich. Stop voting against your interests.

        Now downrank me into oblivion you fucking cunts. Still not gonna change the fact that I'm 100% correct.

        • FYIMN 4 Prez

          Fuck you is my name for President!

        • truth

          Thanks for the kind remarks "comrade". I think it is you who's been drinking the cool-aide. Please get an education before it's too late for you. Your type of likely generational ignorance is actually quite sad and pitiable.

          • Markus

            Typical rabid right wing response. No facts, just buzz words like "comrade" and "cool-aide" (although it should be "kool-aide" you moron). And what a surprise…you call yourself "truth."

            Fuck you is completely correct…when we had strong liberal economic policies in this country that protected the middle class, our economy grew like clockwork. You can't have a strong economy without a strong middle class, they are the ones that purchase and drive the economy the most. Republicans don't give two shits about the middle class. You're really just are screwing yourself by voting Republican unless you make over $500k a year.

            • Slappy

              The data (actual real economic data, not Fox News made-up data) shows greater economic prospecerity during Democrat administrations. Unions were formed to protect workers from exploitation by unregulated corporations. Republicans want the old days of low wages, excessive work days requirements, unsafe conditons, unregulated waste dumping, etc because it's cheap and line's their pockets at the top. That's why they move to ship jobs overseas to countries like Colombia, who suppress union efforts. Look at the bloody fights over unionizing in US history and try to understand that unions support basic worker rights. (By the way…WE are those workers.) Or would you rather be like the Chinese laborer who works 30 days on with 1 day off for $200 a month?

          • MikeD

            Yeah, screw unions, trying to get workers fair pay and safe work environments. If it wasn't for those fucking unions, we could pay workers for pennies on the dollar and not have to comply with any workplace safety regulations which would save us millions. Let's go back to the good old days of the Industrial Revolution, where children were working in coal mines and getting injured on the job was an honor!

            • Slappy

              Hell, bring in the National Guard to gun down people who want an honest wage (paid in real dollars) to work in a safe environment. The Ludlow Massacre of 1914 should be a warning to anyone who thinks they deserve fair treatment as a worker. What do you think this is, modern America?

            • Owen Smithers

              No, it doesn't need to go that far. Unions have been and continue to be valuable. Safety and fair pay and things we want. But unions need to consider that only so much can be extracted from their companies before their demands threaten the very existence of that company. Earning a profit is a good thing and encourages reinvestment and growth. Unions should be careful not to kill off their host. Both by demands on the company AND through lobbying gov't for even more control. We need to get back to a symbiotic relationship.

              • Slappy

                I'll agree with that.

              • its_forge


          • its_forge

            Hurr durr ::picks nose and looks at it:: Durr cool-aide hurr.

        • ...

          … *cricket* ….

        • frankysins

          with an attitude like that youre right, you will never be rich. I on the other hand work my ass off day in and day out to build my career and create my own individual wealth. Ah, God Bless America!!! YOU will never be rich because you rely on the government to run your life for you, and the unions to get your back when you dont want to work and earn your money

          • what

            Dude, what? Show me where it says, "I don't work hard and I let the government do everything for me" in what fuck you says. You have no fucking clue how hard he works at anything. Don't just make shit up to support your narrative.

            • frankysins

              "Fuckface, you will never be rich. Stop voting against your interests"

              that right there douche. that tells me that he does not think hard work and determination pay off to eventually give you personal wealth. in his eyes, no matter what you do you will always be a poor shlub, never able to work your way out of your current position.. which is total BS. in his eyes, according to the above quoted verbatim sentance, we are screwed to a life of poverty regardless of what we do. i have to disagree because at 26, I am already working my way to the top through my own personal hard work and determination. no union to help me out. no government paying my bills. just me.

              • its_forge

                You may think that your hard work and determination will someday make you into a rich man that doesn't have to pay any taxes because you kept voting for people who kept promising you they'd get rid of taxes but hard statistics show that is definitely not the case. No one who doesn't already have money in this country ends up with any money. Upward mobility in the US is very nearly a myth, it's a fraction of a percent that manage to make their way from middle to upper class. But you keep right on voting against your own best interests 'cuz you Love America, 'cuz that's what's important to you.

              • what

                Um, you're still not making sense, franky. The above quoted verbatim sentence (with an 'e' franky, not an 'a') you cite mentions nothing at all of hard work. You're just twisting it, adding a few extra dots to complete your picture of the lazy liberal pinko. That being said, upon reading your other "arguments" on this thread, I can already tell getting into it with you is probably a great waste of time. Point is, don't just infer things. The guy who argues for strong unions is just as American as you are, and conservatives don't have the market cornered on hard work. Good luck to you, and continued success on your climb to the top. I know working the drive-thru window may seem daunting at first, but I have a feeling you'll master it in no time!

          • HELisforHEL

            The original poster could be a multimillionaire…in fact, for all you know, they could be YOUR BOSS. So don't presume that people who have compassion and sense are lazy and shiftless.

            Perhaps I should assume that your response is directly the result of the brainwashing bullshit from Fox News that you believe without question? That's a presumption that probably is true.

            • frankysins

              compassion and sense??? you mean the guy who called other fuckfaces, shit for brains, retards, cunts… yea some real compassion there. sounds like another angry hate-filled dick to me. probly caught up in all of MSNBC's lies.

              and really dude??? Wonkette????? hahahahahahahahahahahaha how old are you 12?????? your opinion is now worthless. wonkette.. LOL!!!!!

              I dont watch fox news.. i read. try it. wonkette HAHAHAHA

              • its_forge

                LOL yeah he reads the Drudge Report

        • Patches

          I think there are currently twice as many retired auto union workers drawing enormous pensions than there are active workers paying into the pension. Yeah, that's sustainable.
          Even when GM and Chrysler were on the absolute brink, the unions refused to even budge on their wage and benefit demands. Let that sink in for a minute… the employer is about to go bankrupt and close it's doors for good because it has no money, yet the workers steadfastly refuse to take even a token pay or benefit reduction which may have saved their company. They would have rather seen the car companies die than to sacrifice even a small cut to wages or benefits.
          And castrated unions? How about the Longshoremen in Washington who trespassed, destroyed private property, and unlawfully restrained (kidnapped) amongst other offences? Not a single arrest or charge laid yet. Take a look to see how much money unions donated to get Obama elected… they are a powerful lobby group like any other (albeit larger and more powerful than most).

          • Markus

            When GM & Chrysler were about to go bankrupt, the CEOs still flew around in corporate jets and paid themselves millions.

            And don't start an argument with "I think…" Facts or GTFO.

            • frankysins

              good thing obama took care of those crimianls right! o wait he didnt.. your liberal president is the one who bailed them out with billions. would have been nice to see those CEOs take pay cuts to keep thier company afloat, but why would you take money from yourself when you know big brother is going to be coming over soon with a monster check to bail you out?

              • Markus

                First of all, Obama is not that liberal. The real liberals are pretty upset with him. He's closer to moderate than liberal, it's just that the right wing has moved so far to the right, that moderates look liberal. By today's standards, Ronald Reagan would be a liberal…he raised taxes, grew government, and gave amnesty to illegal immigrants.

                Secondly, those CEOs weren't committing any crimes. It certainly wasn't ethical, but ethics and law are two different things.

                Thirdly, those companies have paid our money back and there were limits put on executive compensation until they paid back those loans. The money wasn't just given, it was loaned with conditions.

                Finally…do you really think Obama is a friend to executives? I'll give you that he is to the point that all politicians like rich donors, but saying that a liberal president is looking out for a highly compensated executive is like saying that a tea party member cares about anyone but themselves.

          • MikeD

            Let's ask the CEOs of Chrysler and GM if they were willing to forgo some of their pay and benefits along with those union workers. Oh wait, that's right, the CEO of GM was paid a paltry $9M while GM was accepting bail outs and on the verge of bankruptcy and Chrysler won't even release the pay amounts of their CEO.

          • Rick

            Bull shit buddy, the unions made huge concessions. Men and women went from making 20+ dollars an hour to 14 overnight, work rules were changed to force workers into more overtime with less vacation, benefits were slashed older workers were forced into retirement and those huge pensions your spouting about came from money that the workers themselves paid into year after year only to watch the company "Borrow it" and then go into bankruptcy and discharge that debt. But don't take my word for it read it yourself. try to do a least a little research before stating something as fact Asshat.

        • Hurricane

          So, you like to buy $50.00 T-shirts!?!?! Reason why manufacturing went overseas is because of union demands!. An uneducated janitor making $55.00 an hour and getting a new car every 5 years!! Ya that is really going to make businesses competitive!!

          oh, ya, Obama was also a union lawyer too!

          • Markus

            Obama was not a union lawyer. I'm sure Fox News told you that, and you're just too stupid and lazy to do any independent research.

          • frankysins

            he was a lawyer for ACORN. dont beleive he was ever a union lawyer

            • its_forge

              No, no he wasn't, Obama and ACORN never had very much to do with each other at all. The only correlation between Obama and ACORN is that Obama is part black, and ACORN used to register black people to vote, which is what made them Public Enemy #1 for the Republican Party.

        • F. Gump

          Asshats actually believe that the Republicans (other either party for that matter) really have their own interests in mind and that unions ruined America. It is amazing what spending billions of dollars on propaganda and owning a major news network(s) can do.

          Now, bring on the bewbs and gaps. I need a distraction.

          • Nicnac

            Apparently for some, the world began when Obama was elected. The guy before him who started the longest war in American history and converted profit to WORLD loss doesn't exist at all in their minds.
            Amazingly short-term memories.
            One other thing – While Britain is getting ready to shut down Murdoch and his country destroying mechanism, it never ceases to amaze me that some still listen to the word of a foreigner, preaching his agenda on Fox News.
            Imagine, a foreign owned 'news' outlet preaching hate of everything foreign.

            • Owen Smithers

              No, Obama is just a easy and obvious lightning rod for the accumulated discontent of what many see as destructive liberal policies. Many of Bush's polices can be debated as being destructive too. It's not the man who we need to think about, it's the principles and ideas. If we keep on that plane, we'll be able to find solutions and come to agreement on the best course for this country.

            • its_forge

              Murdoch's a US citizen because it garners him much, MUCH fatter tax breaks.

        • HELisforHEL

          Well said. I never will understand the idiots who think that someday they'll be making more than $200k a year. Because that's who the Republicans and conservatives bow to. They could give a shit about the middle class, and they certainly don't care about the poor.

          • frankysins

            and i will never understand the people who have already given up on thier lives before it even begins. its called hard work and determination pal. Want to be a success? Work for it.

            • HELisforHEL

              HAHAHAH Yeah asshat, I'm successful, nearly retired and have plenty to live on. I've worked hard all my life and never got a hand out from parents or the government or anyone else. And yes, I read. So fuck you. With a stupid moniker like 'Frankysins' you have no room to judge anyone.
              Have a nice day!

            • its_forge

              Doesn't happen, almost never. I could find you some statistics if you like. It's like, less than one percent.

        • its_forge

          Fuck I love you man, marry me and we'll make very weird babies.

          • truth

            another way we know you're gay…

            • its_forge

              It's a widely known fact for example that amazingly stupid people don't understand basic humor. Stupid and a right-wing ideologue buttpuppet, what a unique and surprising combination. Uh, not.

        • BIll57

          first of all when unions began they were a god send for labor and labors rights. They did a wealth of good. Then they got greedy and become involved with the mob. I was a teamster and know all to well the goings on. they steal from the memebers, brain wash them into believing the rhetoric and send their "soldiers" to do their dirty work while they sip their beloved champagne at home. Sadly today it's the Fatted cow (unions) that are ruining this country. and if that's what you want keep your staus quo lemme know how that works out for you when you go to retire and there's no money to retire on cause they lined their pockets with your money

    • Clueless lib

      You are clueless. Pick up an economics book and learn something. This has nothing to do with free market capitalism which IS the greatest way to function as a society. You sound like a typical drone spewing nonseness with no comprehension of your comments.

    • Sic

      DUDE….This is the result of UNIONS in American forcing manufacturing overseas. We haven't seen real capitalism at work in a very long time…..

      • julio

        so it was fine when the working class was being paid pennies a day before the unions came around? unions didn't force manufacturing jobs overseas, company heads were able to turn a BIGGER profit by sending them overseas…

        • Jessica Condrey

          Tyler Durden's world of the future. Everything reset to zero 😉

          • Rusty_Dreams

            U r hot. I hope you submit to Chivettes of the week.

            • its_forge

              The person in the user pic has in fact been a Chivette, a featured one if I recall. I don't know if that's actually her or not, if it is, ::waves:: Hi pretty woman

              • Jessica Condrey

                I have before ^^ I was Gamer Girl and a Chivette of the week last Christmas

        • BIll57

          if the unions had not gotten greedy you would have seen things stay in the U.S. I was a teamster I know what I am talking about

      • Markus

        Ridiculous tax breaks and "free trade" is the reason that manufacturing moved overseas. Do you want people in the US earning Chinese child labor wages?

        • BIll57

          Markus you are onlly half right. Ridiculous tax breaks and free trade killed a lot of jobs. It is about moderation not extremism unions are good to a point if they dont get greedy then they are great

    • Jim

      Everyone who says nothing other than "it's the liberal's fault" or "it's the conservatives fault" really needs to educate themselves rather than using buzzwords fed to them by Fox News or MSNBC.

      • Bryan Williams

        To all above, not directly to you Jim.

        Capitalism has been around for many years in America, please educate yourself, look beyond President Obama and into the past of our government's history.…

        Have a nice day.

    • Michael Oransky

      The united states still manufactures more products than any other country in the world by FAR…

      More and more this is becoming a problem of rich, fat cat CEO's Most likely Repubs (but Dems too), outsourcing the jobs to other countries, it is caused by the deregulation of industry, the dissolution of tarrifs, and in reality this is pure capitalism at work. Just like communism, it looks GREAT on paper, not so great in practice.

      While I do agree that we need to start manufacturing in the US even more so, we more so need to get back to inventing, innovating, research, engineering and reach for the mother fucking stars.

    • kent

      No, this is a result of white people leaving an area and leaving black people to their own devices.

      Detroit lost its reason for existing, that's why it's fallen into disrepair… all the people left.

  • Chicago Bears

    Historical buildings that need a touch up..every city has em'…cost too much for the city to fix em'…you need someone who has interest in the building to buy and rehab em' .. that top photo needs to be torn down though

    • Henry Gibson

      Every city may have them, but Detroit is about one big riot away from building Robocop.

    • Bongzilla420

      The Bears suck

      • Markus

        There wouldn't even be an NFL without the Bears, asshat.

    • Amanda

      That building was torn down three years ago. These photo's are dated and I'm really getting sick of seeing them and the ensuing shit talk about Detroit.

  • RatedR401

    So depressing, the city could be beautiful it it was still in full swing. The arcitecture is amazing.

    • truth

      Once called the Paris of the west

    • sad detroiter

      Michigan Central Station used to be busier than Union Station in New York.

      • Killinem

        I hate looking at this. I wish I could have been around when Detroit was a beautiful downtown. So depressing that Detroit'ers can't elect a mayor that gives a shit and is into helping the city instead of filling there pockets. And yes I am from Michigan.

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 would be awesome to walk around that theater

    • RatedR401

      they should use this as a set in a horror flick!

      • Brutal Deluxe

        It is. The city of Detroit is an ongoing horror flick.

    • BlackMatterBeaver

      and get ready to perform a little of the old in out, in out…

      • Redknight

        Off to the milk bar till then? 😀

  • MrAliasMan

    A renovators dream or nightmare? I bet they would look pretty sweet all fixed up though.

    • Iowa

      They'd be pretty badass, sadly, it would be extremely difficult to find someone to renovate them. The cost to buy and do so would exceed the potential for profit from it.

  • Trey Johnson

    Some of the buildings are really beautiful. It is shame they are falling apart. I'm interested in seeing if Detroit is able to go through some sort of revival a few years from now, with these old buildings be repurposed for something new.

    • J.D.

      Just went to Detroit a few weeks ago, some of the beautiful victorian style banks have been converted into some pretty shady clubs. Armed guards doing patdowns to get in.

      So I guess that's repurposed for something new…

      • Owen Smithers

        Maybe not ideal, but that's the entrepreneurial spirit working. Someone is taking a risk and providing something that people want. As this spirit takes root and thrives other better things will grow.

        • Brutal Deluxe

          Does better things mean hotter chicks in the shady clubs? But you're right, occupied buildings and successful businesses generate weath and tax base and eases entry for complementary outfits.

      • kate the great

        As a michigander who lives about 45 minutes from detroit, i have to agree. its a real shame to see the cities progressive destruction. However the new proposed plan is to tear down half the city (as it was built to provide form many more people than actually live there now), move everyone in to the central area, and bulldoze everything. Start back at square one and plant trees and turn the old parts into a forest. theres not much else we can do with the state of the city at this point, but it was beautiful back in its prime.

    • Have Hope

      It's a shame that not enough people are willing to put their own time and money into these places to build and reuse. Detroit's architecture was beyond any other cities, and that's why it's so interesting to see the pictures. I DO have hope Detroit will revive eventually but it will take a lot more than a couple years. I, myself, and hoping to open a business down there and repurpose which was once, and still is beautiful. I hope more people will find the integrity in what's always been known as home.

  • Buster Hymen

    Looking good Motown

    • Jen

      no surprise this city is now the capital of terrorists in the U.S.

  • Mandalor

    I am reminded of the words of Buzz Aldrin "Beautiful, beautiful. Magnificent desolation."

  • echogeo

    I am all for helping third world countries, but let us not forget that charity begins at home.

    • Problem ahead

      With charity you mean, relieving them from their oil, gold, silver, water, and other natural resources?
      And the thumbs down start in….3…..2…..1……

      • truth

        You sound like the type that leads to these pictures.. sad

        • Problem ahead

          Well,… do explain why.
          I am just not in favor of a country invading other countries in a fiscal or an economical way.
          I know that for americans it looks fine, but you should try to put yourself in the situation of the people who live in occupied countries. And please, do try to picture those countries not as a bounch of ignorant, religious nuts, terrorist living in a monarchy or dicatorship, but rather as people who live in a free, democratic country, where there is free medical security for anyone and education and freedom of the press. Why should that country have to tolerate their natural resources been stolen from another country just because it is more military advance.
          Why is that someone speaking against that treatment is responsible for the outcomes we can see in the pictures?

          • LuvsHorror

            What country, with free medical care and education and freedom of the press that we have invaded are you talking about?

            • The Special Chiver

              Read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins. It is a good start, and then you can go on from there if you are really interested in the topic.

    • Dave

      The only post that is true and noted!

  • Stan

    Kinda funny.. I am listening to Red Jumpsuit Aparatus… just sang "we are destined to fail"

  • Paul Kirkwood

    Where are the pictures of all the things we have to be proud of here? The Ren Cen, Tigers Stadium, Ford Field, Riverwalk?

    • ryan

      That's like a dirty homeless man asking why you didn't remark on his beautiful baby blue eyes. Sorry Paul I was too busy focusing on the open wound on your cheek and the rat hanging outta your ass. But you are right they are striking… and jaundice.

      • Short Bus All Stars

        ^Ryan, you are correct sir! …Paul, you're an idiot, lol. The point of the post was to highlight the architecture that has gone to the wayside ..

      • @bunkerpunkk

        After all this political rhetoric and mindless banter, I read your comment and laughed so fucking hard, I spit at least $0.73 worth of Starbucks all over my desk. Thanks for brightening a shitty day with your dry and truthful, humorous comment. (rat ass killed me!)

    • Dan

      Tiger Stadium is now an empty field with a chain link fence around it. Do you mean Comerica Playland?

  • BIll57

    Car companies went out of business and the people had vested all thier resources into it. A lot of people lost everything. what you see is the result of a broken economy

    • truth

      The question is why is it broken? Liberal policy and union control is your answer.

      • BIll57

        you are correct of course, I just wasn't going that dfeep

    • james

      Detroit did not crumble when the car companies went out of business, which they did not, that city has been in decline for 25 years – even when the economy was booming. It's who runs the city.

      • Drew

        Partially true, really been declining since the city riots of 1967, some of the better car companies did go out of business there albeit decades ago, packard and amc come to mind. Detroit is not alone in its crumble, due in part to poor leadership. Look at many of the other cities that make up the rust belt.

    • corey

      60 years of liberal policies and class warfare is the root cause.

    • Long Tan

      or the detroit riots where they burned the city down and never rebuilt

  • Azem Islami

    This is art …

    • America

      fuck off, arab prick. you love seeing the US hurting dont you??

      • God

        Fuck off neo-nazi. America doesn't want you in it.

    • namehere

      hmm, since when is decay art?

      • its_forge

        Since forever. Everything is art.

    • Randall Gallegos

      Marshall McLuhan, "Art is anything you can get away with."

  • dainz

    This is sad

  • jrey81

    #8 Salvador Dali effect! nice! They really should use these sets for post apocalyptic/zombie invasion type movies…. though i suppose the risk in shooting in these places may be too high…

    • Iowa

      Probably the chance of them falling even more apart keeps them away. Much like this video of that New Orleans Six Flags….

      Both of them made me sad to look at.

      • Iowa

        My bad, THIS is the cut that made me sad. The music is amazing.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Productions costs would be low, though. No actors, no scripts, just set up a camera and start rolling. The post-apocalyptic scenes will occur on cue.

    • Vincevaughn13

      Have you every seen the movie Transformers? The Michigan Central Station was used towards the end where Megatron is tearing through the building for LeDouche. Actually the whole ending sequence is in Detroit. Also the remake of Red Dawn is also in Detroit

  • jamie

    i clicked to purchase ruins of detroit, daw 80 bucks nice is ot a fucking book…………………. weak.

    • jod


  • truth

    This is a testament to the results of decades of local liberal/social policy and union control. Congratulations. Fine work indeed.

    • Tim

      This man speaks the truth, industry would not be dying so rapidly in detroit if it weren't for the liberal agenda taking control from companies and giving it to the unions and government

    • Monty

      Yes, you speak the truth. Liberalism at it's best.

    • Jay

      The Liberal/social policies provided the jobs and vibrant economy to build these structures in the first place.
      The greed of automakers to maximize there shareholders profits were the cause of the downfall.

      • truth

        Jay, please seek an education before you try to edify anyone on socio-economic policy. It's just embarrassing for you. Seriously.

        • Markus

          I have a Masters in Economics and I agree with Jay 100%. The New Deal (a liberal socio-economic policy) paved the way for the greatest expansion in the history of our country (1940s through 1970s).

          On a side note…the Great Depression ended with massive stimulus spending via WWII. And, if we had a "balanced budget amendment" at that time, the Nazis would have won.

          It's nice that you feel passionately about it, but calling yourself "truth" doesn't mean you're correct. And replying with big words like "edify" and "socio-economic" doesn't excuse you from providing real support for your argument.

          • BIll57

            saying you have a masters degree doesn't make you any more correct. Not knocking intelligence, common sense in this case is better. Industry if you know your history made the jobs first then the unions came and while the original intent of the unions was appropriate. They got GREEDY and the rest is history

            • its_forge

              Hurr you got a eduhcation so u r stupid durr

      • America

        So the Obama plan is working out for you there Jay? Please go try your failed experiments in another country. Thank you.

        • Markus

          You obviously have no idea what America really stands for.

      • Bill Ivory

        Jay, you're incorrect. I grew up in Michigan. I had relatives who lived in Detroit; it was always a trill for me when I was a little kid when we'd go visit them because to me it was "The City". Then the riots of the 60's happened and the city never recovered and it's been going down hill ever since. People began leaving the city in almost caravan style after the riots leaving behind those who couldn't afford to get out or the few who chose to stay there.

        • Jim

          The major riot in 1967 wasn't a union thing at all. It began with the raid of an unlicensed club and spread from there.

    • Verbal_Kint

      I'm writing you in on the next ballot.

      • truth

        thanks my friend. and i appologize for not defending you earlier from the predominately hijacked comments directed at you.

        • Verbal_Kint

          pffft. No big deal. Given the post being all about Detroit I could have commented "will the real verbal_kint" please stand up.

          • Foosbah

            huh, you're really obsessed with that guy, aren't you?

    • OldNSlow

      Hahaha. Nice try. This is corporate America and capitalism.

    • Anon

      if this is liberal/social policy at work then why do other countries who are far more liberal/social not look like this? Yah……….

    • Jeff

      Exactly what I would say too, I grew up near there and watched as the unions destroyed the auto industry. Left for the Army in 83 and never looked back!!!

    • Stan_Dalone


  • Dude

    Makes me sad, except for those Churches.

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