Smoking hot girl shoots AMD 65 –I’m currently like Pavlov’s dog (Video)

I know I posted the hot girl in jeans video yesterday, so you’ll have to forgive me for going back to another hot girl video today. But in my defense, the girl is wearing yoga pants for God’s sake. I mean, done and done.

BTW, all I know about the girl is that her name is Lauren. Good luck finding her.

  • Robert Smith

    that bootie be clappin every shot!! lol

    • nate

      good gawd

    • @ItsMeMvpJonny

      the clack you were hearing wasn't from the gun, it was from the clap

    • Hunter X

      She'd be recoiling more than that when I dropped MY hammer… just sayin'.

      • X Hunter

        Like she'd ever pull your trigger…just sayin'.

  • ARChizel

    That’s hot!

  • Not first

    That's pretty hot. She's got a rockin body. Good post.

  • Jon T

    single action yogurt gun?

    • DrLeppiwinks

      believe its pump action

      • Frank

        Semi/Full Auto.

      • thepoopsmith

        yours is definitely hand operated.

    • Truth

      pump action single shot yogurt gun?

  • echogeo

    It is time to gif this, Chive.

  • TX_man

    Gotta love a hot girl with a gun!! Love the way the ass moves with each shot…..

  • R2GFan

    I need that on constant loop as a wallpaper. Incredible ass, superb jiggle.

  • Tri140Point6

    Wow…..guns and buns. What a great combo

    • 1911

      "Guns and Buns" sounds like a new regular posting over on The Brigade

  • Unfkngblvbl

    gun, yoga pants, jiggly butt when firing, (in Bill & Ted voices) "Excelleeeent!"

    • Boner

      In Mr. Burns voice "Excelleeent!"…

  • guest

    AMD 65 is an AK47. Just say AK47.

    • APBTFan

      It is not an AK-47, it is an AKM. There's a difference.

      • guest

        No there's not. An AKM is an AK-47. And an AMD-65 is an AKM. Therefore AMD=AK47, especially when nobody cares about the minute differences, you can't see the rifle, and there's a beautiful ass in the video.

        • Frank

          Oh I get it. If you don't care about what the gun is, it's an Ak-47. If you care about the gun really is, it's an AKM. An AK Variant, which means, no, not an AK.

          People who don't know everything they know about guns from Hollywood movies know there is a difference.

          • Frank

            AMD Rather.

            • guest

              Is a Corvette not a car because it's not the original car?

              • guest

                Or a better example is if I was talking to a generic audience about a hot girl driving a Corvette, would I say it's a Corvette, or would I say it's a C-6?

                It's a Corvette.

                • Frank

                  I guess if you think a C1 is the same as a C7 I can see why you can comprehend how two guns can look similar without being the same gun.

                  AMD differs internally from an AK, and is not an AK for that very reason.

                  It seems like your whole post here to call a AMD an AK is a fight to stay ignorant.

                  • Vitali

                    You know what? I think you failed the gay test. Because You noticed the gun.

                • Frank

                  But really you can call it whatever you want, and pretend it's the same thing all you want. Just don't bitch at people who know more than you telling them to start being as dumb as you.

              • Frank

                Calling a Corvette a car is like calling an AK a gun.

        • Frank

          Aren't you the one that cares about minute differences enough that you made an incorrect post whining about how they didn't misidentify the rifle?

    • SmoothMarx

      Really? you were looking at the gun?

    • Redwall

      I think it's pretty well established by other responses that a AMD 65 is a variant of the AKM which is a modernisation of the AK-47 and therefore not the same rifle. Therefore the only reason to call it an ak-47 is if you're not being picky and by making a comment about it you clearly are being picky.

    • Chode

      If it's and AMD 65…just call it an AMD 65.

    • Matt

      sir, the gun was not the main focus of this post. it could have said she was shooting a revolver, it doesn't matter. she jiggled gloriously.

  • sod

    good arse so wot she can shoot

  • DrLeppiwinks

    Dear Bob, anyone who needs an apology for you posting "another hot girl video" needs to be banned from this site.

    -Gracious Chivers

    • Troll_Your_Mother


  • dominantone

    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you.

  • trboerger

    Sara Jean Underwood Recently Shot Guns In Yoga Pants – Check it out –

    • rikooprate

      Hottest chick on the PLANET. Bar none…

    • Itsa me

      page is not safe

    • J_Dub

      not a video, and no where near as nice of an ass… still though, a half naked hot chick shooting guns will get you a thumbs up.

  • asdf

    What happened to the skinny jeans vid?

  • Tim

    Recoil has never been sexier…

  • rikooprate

    AND she burnt it!!!

    • Robert Kisabeth

      glad someone else caught that too.

  • rick ross

    def gonna get negged for this but she has no FLBP in sight

    • James

      maybe not FLBP but still a nice rack.

      • powerforward

        what rack?

    • @SmoothMarx

      maybe some leg problems

  • dan

    Totally worth it.

  • Drew_BfloTrace

    everything about that vid works for me

  • mja1485

    This post is worth it. Amazing jiggle with each shot.

  • pooper

    hahahahahaha so awesome

  • pooper


  • user87

    think we need MOAR of this one! shes a foxy sexy lady hahaha find her find her!! bootyful!

    • Smitty

      CALM DOWN and Chive On. She's this dudes wife;

      But Shhhh, apparently she'd freak out if she knew she was Chive's front page!

      Actually, asmo6 thinks the video has gotten all the hits because it was featured on this guys playlist – so is that where Chive got it, or is Kevin a Chiver? (

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