• Dakota

    Justin Bieber is not a man, boo yah!

  • Anthony

    Emma needs to grow her hair back asap

    • Krod

      I upped your comment, but I could easily get used to it…

    • El_Hefe

      i'd still bang her pixie head though…

    • Sempai

      she looks just perfect with short hair

    • Jay

      I think she looks cute with the short hair. But, it could go either way.

      • superman

        i want to put my penis in it.

    • burgonite

      She looks like fucking sexy ass elf.

    • Emma Watson

      I agree

  • Lourie

    I am surprised that they didn't gag a little with the JB one. I know I did. Fun.

    • Jon

      Not everyone gags on a little Justin Bieber like you.

    • albondigas

      not a lady; she;'s a woman

      • albondigas

        btw- fuck your face–book

  • Frank D. Tank

    Your point is invalid to the tenth power…

  • Sticky Wickets

    Its' the freedom language

    • British Guy


      • Guest

        Someone isn't fluent in sarcasm…

        • Truth

          That was sarcasm.

          • Jake

            is that a statement or a question with incorrect punctuation?

  • Tyler Jack

    I like when the bird flys in and scares Emma. Classic bird interview trick.

  • myself

    Draco (real name Tom?) went a little guido for a moment there, and was hilarious.

    Also, I am one of those pathetic fools that finds whatever Emma says in her accent or a Freedom Language accent enthralling.

  • balls

    Yup, you're running out of witty comments. Stop being so cynical.

  • etcrr

    I like Emma's short hair, looks sexy on her

    • 6655321


    • Shorthairlover

      Agree 100%

    • aksands

      not many women can pull that off and still look as gorgeous. more power to her.

    • Vee

      I agree I think she actually looks better with the short hair 🙂

    • Jake

      Bro… she's just so good looking that she can pull off short hair… I'd much rather have her with long hair… but hell, I'd do anything to have her one way or another…

    • Fat

      Suck it stan

  • flibble

    these guys weren't bad. you should see Hugh Laurie in Stuart Little for a terrible American accent. he got good after becoming House.

    • Greg

      no, he 'got good' when he got a serious role. His role in Stuart Little was hardly demanding

  • Hooray

    I love Max the intern. When are we getting a new one? Will she have FLBP?

  • MonkeyMadness

    She looks like a young boy, pedobear approves.

  • jedi

    Ok Emma, now say "What kind of sandwich would you like?"

  • freshfraser

    "Justin Bieber is the man?" That my friends is controversial

  • Devin

    Emma can speak however she damn well pleases!

  • Ethan Shuster

    I guess Laurie improved since he got on House. And the Malfoy kid does it well, but he's played Americans in parts before.

  • Mr. E

    Has the weirdest boner right now.

  • Sluttypanda

    Draco is actually cool, I always thought he'd be a dick in real life

    • West Nile

      Draco (Tom Felton) has spent time every summer here on the St. Lawrence to participate in the Great Carp Fishing Tournament (true story). He's got the Northern NY dialect down. Don't know where the guido comes from.

      • ZachBob

        probably Jersey Shore…

        • Nameless

          New jersey is never going to live that show down. We are going to have to seperate them into a different state

          • Chris

            You guys invented the nuke… Just saying…

            You get what I'm saying, right?

  • rick

    It's the freedom language. damn well it is!

  • ysoserious

    Americans think they are so great…until they leave their own country to vacation in Europe wearing Canadian flags on their backpacks so they don't get shanked. It's actually a suggestion given by travel agents depending on where the destination is (the list isn't small).

    • kent

      Americans do not wear Canadian flags on their packs. This is the most retarded myths I've ever heard.

      This myth comes from the fact that Europeans can't tell the difference between Canadians and Americans. Americans don't wear ANY flags when they travel, because it's dumb. But Canadians do wear their flag, and when Europeans see people who look like and sound like Americans (to European ears) they think they're Americans masquerading as Canadians. That's because nobody knows anything about Canada outside of Canada, and Canadians speak English almost exactly with an American accent.

      I'm American and I've traveled all over the world, with other Americans. Nobody has ever, not once, had a Canadian flag on their backpacks.

      And even if Americans did do this, which they don't, it wouldn't negatively reflect on Americans. It would just mean that some people are so utterly ignorant and brainwashed against the US that they'd treat someone poorly just because of what country they come from.

      The only people who still believe this myth are ignorant Europeans and Canadians who are trying to cope with their inferiority complex, trying to pretend that Americans want to be Canadians as a way of coping with the fact that almost half of all Canadians have left Canada to come to the US, to become Americans, while it's almost unheard of for any American to move to Canada.

      You're an idiot. Kill yourself.


      • Texas guy

        Right on, Kent. I have travelled all over Europe and South America and never once seen an American with a Canadian flag on their pack. I would have never wanted to be mistaken for a Canadian. Nothing against Canada but I am not from there. Besides, it is hard to hate someone when they are standing right in front of you. Most people hate the America they see on TV not the Americans that actually come all the way to their country, to learn about their culture.

        • Truth

          Actually most people do dislike the Americans that visit other countries because they are usually (There are some exceptions) loud obnoxious and ignorant with an weird pointless superiority complex (Like that Kent douche above)
          However those Americans who actually live or spend a lot of time for work in other countries are generally liked.

          • kent

            "they are usually (There are some exceptions) loud obnoxious and ignorant"

            Want to know something funny? Americans are actually voted the best tourists, usually the top spot or in the top 3. It's only brainwashed morons who have probably never seen an American tourist that believe what you just said.

            "with an weird pointless superiority complex (Like that Kent douche above)"

            Anti-Americanism is so retarded that you're so accustomed to hearing nothing but negatives about the US that anyone who simply states facts must have a "pointless inferiority complex"

            "However those Americans who actually live or spend a lot of time for work in other countries are generally liked."

            Here's some reality for you to rage at: Americans are actually probably among the most sophisticated, well-behaved people on the planet. The ignorant American stereotype is usually only believed by people who are themselves way, way more ignorant any the average American. You're coping. I don't need a superiority complex to notice this simple fact.

            Every single aspect of anti-Americanism is based on your own hypocrisy, you point your finger at the US and obsess over supposed negative traits of Americans when you as an individual demonstrate those negative traits in greater degrees.

            • Truth

              'Americans are the most sophisticated, well-behaved people on the planet'
              And yes you are a douche, you act like being born in America or any other country is something someone can control, it's not, just like being tall or above average intelligence it's not something you have achieved it's just a cosmic fluke.

              • Jack_LeMac

                that's a pretty big statement to make for someone who was just bashing ppl for being….American

            • Truth

              While the majority of Americans tourists may be well-behaved when abroad , these travellers are such a tiny percentage of the US population where we know violence and murder is at a much higher level percentage wise than nearly every other western/ first world country .

            • Truth

              This myth probably stems from the fury and overreaction that we see from Americans when somebody burns the US flag whereas most others just think burning a flag is a pathetic waste of time and money. I thinkj I know why this is so, the US population is made up of mostly different natiionalities with their own histories so the flag is the only thing that Americans have as a culture to rally round.

              • P90

                Interesting theory, I've always wondered why unlike any other western country Americans feel the need to have their flag on practically everything (Homes, cars etc.) and at all times of the year.
                American Chivers, I'd like to know, does seeing the flag everywhere make you feel like you have a shared community. (Some of you reading this may misinterpret this as taking the piss, but it's not, I genuinely want to know)

                • Kris

                  Most of us don't. Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find an American who knows the flag laws in this country. I'm one of them. I just don't care. It's a piece of cloth with colors on it, it doesn't concern me? What concerns me is finding a real job, banging my fiance, and working out.

              • Nina

                F*ck you. Please never come to America where people have nice homes and teeth.

          • truth

            I actually have traveled to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Canada. Of all my travels, I have not met a single person that truly cared that I was American nor mentioned 'Where's your flag?'. That being said, every country has a portion of their population that doesn't travel and wants to believe the first false stereotype they hear about foreigners.

            I can't verify Canadians wear their flags or not because I have never traveled with any self-proclaimed Canadian tourists nor have I seen their flag outside of their country. Ultimately, I can say I have seen as many Germans wearing their flag as I have seen Welsh/Scots. Why does it matter though?

          • Dan

            That's because most traveling Americans are rich and have always been rich. They have as much in common with normal Americans as a European does.

      • Chantal

        "the fact that almost half of all Canadians have left Canada to come to the US, to become Americans, while it's almost unheard of for any American to move to Canada. "

        Uhhh… no?

        Why the hell do you have so many thumbs up? That was about as ignorant as the first post.

        I agree that Americans and Canadians look and sound identical. Having said that, how do you know its "Canadians" wearing the flags? You talk to all the white people wearing flags do you?

        I'm not disagreeing with your post. I'm just saying it lacks the "facts" that you proclaim.

      • Mark

        Wow, your comments are littered with arrogance and yet you wonder why people hate Americans? You think people are brainwashed into being anti-American? That's really stupid. I don't need to be brainwashed when people such as yourself are so clumsily perpetuating the stereotype.

        You say it's almost unheard of for any American to move to Canada. Yes, it's a fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans never move further than a 40 mile radius from where they were born. That just proves that Americans are predominantly unadventurous.

        • Nameless

          Unadventurous or just happy where we are? Not to mention in America, family is a very important thing and we like to stay close. Second, we are not unadventurous at all infact as someone pointed out before we are some of the best tourists. Americans love to travel we just like to settle down back near the places we grew up.
          Unless you grow up in a certain country your not going to completely understand why we do what we do.

      • Guesty

        Wearing a flag on your backpack there is nothing wrong with that.. it shows off your identity of where your from and shows your proud to be from there… It's not stupid.. but i do agree i seen no americans with Canadian flags on the bags just actual Canadians… I wear a British Flag on mine! and i seen many europeans with there flags too so why don't you not be so ignorant!

      • Guesty

        10. Anti-Americanism

        If you’ve spent any time overseas, you are either familiar with the widespread Anti-Americanism being perpetuated on the backpacker circuit or guilty of contributing to it. It’s such a big problem that it’s truly inescapable.

        Although the prevailing Anti-American sentiment has taken the form of distrust-under-the-guise-of-acceptance since the election of President Obama, it is not genuine. “Giving Americans a chance” is simply trendy right now. As much as they’d like to deny it, backpackers love trendy.

        During the George W. Bush era, it was far too easy to hate on Americans. Since backpackers also love stereotypes*, any American they met while traveling was categorized as a redneck agent of capitalism, war and ignorance – three things backpackers openly codemn. Any possibility that said American could be an open-minded, educated Gore voter (which most young backpackers were) was promptly disregarded.

        Keeping on the theme of stereotypes, Europeans are without a doubt the most condescending people on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that they are the most active Yankee bashers as well. The French, for example, have a long history of hating the United States (see Why do the French hate us?). They are quick to overlook, however, their known affinity to several pillars of Americana: Hollywood movies, cigarette smoking, blue jeans and black music.

        Contemporary Anti-Americanism has led many Canadian backpackers to mistakenly believe their shit does not stink. This notion is the product of an overwhelming national inferiority complex, similar to that of Kiwis to Aussies. A vast majorty of Kiwi and Canadian backpackers are convinced that because everybody seems to hate their more powerful and cooler neighbors, it makes themselves superior. Consider renowned Kiwi movie director Peter Jackson for a moment. Dude is talented. But he is by no means cool.

        It’s about the accents. Canadians and Kiwis will tell you their accents are markedly different from those of Americans and Aussies, respectively. The foreign ear, however, can detect no such differences. Thus, a common scenario takes place across the globe:

        Canadian/Kiwi speaks.
        Foreigner assumes speaker is American/Aussie, expresses dislike.
        Canadian/Kiwi freaks out.
        Foreigner apologizes, retracts and feigns approval for Canadians/Kiwis.
        Canadian/Kiwi feels awesome, purports to being cooler than Americans/Aussies.
        About 10 years ago, a nasty rumor surfaced that American backpackers, so fed up of being vilified at every turn, were sewing Canadian flag patches onto their backpacks. These allegations were no doubt a smear-campaign-under-the-guise-of-a-beenou-campaign created by a smug prick Canadian. Or maybe it was a Kiwi…

    • Sam

      your coming off as stupid

      • kent


    • Jonah

      Haters (you) gon' hate man,
      nothin you can do about it but flip em the bird and walk on by…

  • Dude

    You Americans are funny. It's not called "American" it's called "English" No wonder the whole world hate's you guys… Arrogant fools…. HAHAHAHA

    • kent

      You're a moron. It's called a joke.

      It's funny how people rip on the US to cope with jealousy, then you deny it when it gets pointed out. If you weren't enraged by your jealousy, you wouldn't feel the need to endlessly obsess about every single thing Americans do, real or imagined.

      Anti-Americans are always the most retarded, hypocritical imbeciles on the planet.

      • Truth

        You are the retarded hypocrital imbecile, he was obviously making a joke hence the 'HAHAHAHA' and yet you responded like the obsessed idiot your are.

        • kent

          Nice English there, champ.

          • everything's great

            when an american treats everybody nicely, we dont talk about it. the stories we ear are only the negatives one. that's why you look bad outside of the US.

            i'm a french canadian and the other day a american lady called my office, and when i answered en french (that you be normal when you call in Montreal) she told me: '' in American please'' to witch i responded: '' oh you mean english!!''

            ans if this is all that everybody ears about, well…

            • truth

              The United States of America, like every country on Earth, has its share of close-minded individuals. I assure you, the 'american lady' is not alone in her mistake but should not be considered a representation of the majority of US citizens.

              • Chantal

                The comments from Americans to this video and the amount of thumbs up they're receiving seem to confirm my beliefs that the majority of Americans are ignorant bigots.

                "Half of all Canadians move to the US, because they want to be American." Got a shit ton of thumbs up. Who the fuck can think for a second that that's even remotely true?

                • truth

                  It is your mistake to rely on the Internet to confirm your beliefs. I will further your worldly education by notifying you the thumbs up or down feature does not make a statement true. If we are to assume your statement above is indicative of what you believe and how you gleen 'truths' in life, you are ill-equiped to make mature decisions in life.

                • Nameless

                  There is close to 300 million people in america… And you think the chive is an accurate representation of all the people in america? Are you stupid or just grasping at straws?
                  That person may have been an idiot for saying that, but thats him and the few dozen people who agreed with him. Not the entire united states of america. Your a narrow minded douche.

    • Trollolol

      It's funny how we are considered American's and how were Arrogant fools. We must of developed these genetics from our arrogant descendants the europeans who traveled to America took the land saying it was "their's" first even though there was already a civilization of indians living on the lands. Then decide to rebel against the king of england and become free because they found out that the english power is a bunch of twats who tried to take over a newly discovered land, lost it, and then later that land turns into the United States which became a 1st world country with advancements far ahead of England and many other countries across the world. It all started with arrogant english men who decided to say fuck England their a bunch of dumbass's. So your pretty much calling yourself arrogant ya fucktard.

      • Truth

        Wow I never knew such a long rant could have not a single fact.

      • Nameless

        Yeah.. Im American and even i think your a fucktard. Its outspoken idiots like you that give these people ammunition.

  • Moi

    …….Just when I thought I couldn't fall any more in love with Emma Watson…..

  • Balargon

    Love these people. Sad there won't be any more HP movies.

  • kent

    You don't know what you're talking about.

    Most of Canada's population lives in strip going east-west that is right next to the US border. Canadians usually have an accent that is essentially indistinguishable from the Americans that live right on the other side of the border. Canadians from say… British Columbia sounds more like Americans from Washington or Oregon than they do a Canadian from say… Ontario.

    Canada gets almost no attention as a country, whereas the US is the center of everyone's attention. So Europeans know what Americans sound like, because Europeans watch American TV and movies, listen to American music etc.. So when a European sees a Canadian with a Canadian flag, who talks like an American, they think it's an American.

    That is how the myth started. But the myth has kept going because Canadians caught wind of it, and being utterly desperate to create pride in Canada at the expense of the US, they've been parroting and regurgitating that myth constantly ever since. Canadians want to believe that Americans want to be Canadians, which is untrue. In reality, half of all Canadians in the world actually live in the US. It's Canadians that want to be Americans. Though the average brainwashed Canadian will say otherwise, the immigration stats don't lie.

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      typical american response..

      • elliott

        STFU hes just a troll

    • Tony

      I've honestly never heard of anyone in Canada propagating this flag myth, so I'm not sure where you're getting your "facts" from. I've also never seen anyone desperate to create pride in our country, especially at the expense of others.

      And half of all Canadians in the wold live in the US? Really? I guess they just travel back up here for work every day right? Last time I checked, we weren't suddenly missing half our population. The folks I know and those I've heard of who DO actually live in the states are only there for the work. It's the logical choice for some since there are obviously more job opportunities there. If they moved there because they want to be American, they WOULD be. It's not a huge deal to switch citizenship.

      Blanket statements like you're putting out make you sound just as ignorant as people are saying you are. Oh, and I'd love to see these immigration stats you're talking about.


    • SimmyK

      I like to consider Canada "eastern Alaska"…

    • Steph

      "In reality, half of all Canadians in the world actually live in the US. It's Canadians that want to be Americans. Though the average brainwashed Canadian will say otherwise, the immigration stats don't lie"

      BAHAHAHA you're so wrong on this it's not even funny. So I guess all of us proud Canadians are just brainwashed and in reality only want to be American. News flash, not many Canadians WANT to be American, they just pay more for their skills than they do here, so in order to make more money, they move. And where are these statistics showing that half of all Canadians live in America? lol. That actually really made me laugh.

      Oh, I should probably throw in an eh for good measure. Wouldn't want to be mistaken for speaking "American".

  • Truth

    To be fair, the guy hosting the show sounds like he has a head cold, so if they're mimicking him, good luck.

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