NASCAR weekend draws an interesting crowd (20 Photos)

  • matt

    18 . . .yikes

    • Eric Cartman

      Der I'm Poor and Stupid…

    • SpacemanSpiff

      lemme help a derp out…he meant #18

    • Scruff

      What are you talking about?! He's AWESOME!

    • Sticky Wickets

      I happen to like that Dale Earnhardt Sr. sweater

    • Holy Shit WTF

      WTF do you mean 18 yikes, the whole post is yikes. I have never seen a post as inbred as this. I mean,I cant begin to go over the list of shit went wrong here. This whole post is one cousin fucking explanation of why people hate Merica. For Christ Sakes # 20 is flipping off a car going 200 mph. This whole post needs
      a toothbrush and a bigger gene pool.

      • The Truth

        OOPs #20

      • Darkshroomer

        Yeah cause you don't yell shit at player's that they cant here at the sports you attend, and you're pretty misinformed if you don't realize he's flipping Carl off under pace speed.

  • buford


    • Fart

      Epic! Merica! Troll! Fail! Nuff Said! FTW! MOAR! FIND HER! Did I miss any? (We are only allowed these comments right?)


        you forgot first

        • Fart

          of all the ones i could of forgotten….

      • Illicit-Weaponry

        Fake and gay, did he die, ______ good sir……

  • digitalpimp

    Yet another reason to move to Georgia.

    • digitalpimp

      you must be mistaking my post as being negative 😉

      • Anomanom

        Most of the Atlanta area is good, and Savannah is good. The rest of it is crap. This is from a lifelong resident.

        • digitalpimp

          Yeah, I live in Atlanta. I actually meant this stuff is actually fun to be around at times.

          • Mericanocci5150

            Henry County represent

            • jean.

              wow, never thought I'd see this.

            • HCman

              Hells yeah!

        • Waty

          Savannah? It 90% gehtto only nice part is the historic stuff and wilmington island. North Atlanta is good but thats about it. Been here my whole life. Go Braves and Dawgs but I'm ready to leave.

  • Jared S

    everything that makes merica…well merica shown above…i live in the south and this is not an exaggeration..this almost seems mild.

    • JOHN

      You live in a shitty part of the south.

      • Jared S

        which from my experience with a few exceptions is most of the south

        • Steph

          Well then you have had some shitty experiences. I live out the country in central texas and it's beautiful where I live. Also, the country folk around me are not like this at all. They dress nice and work hard.

          • Jared S

            true story i have. and some of the people i live around too. don't misunderstand me not the whole south is like this. not by any means for every 1 crazy redneck nascar fan i know 5 that work hard and are some of the nicest people i know. however the crazies do stick out like a sore thumb. i live in the middle of north Carolina and have had jobs that have taken me coast to coast and border to border. and every part of the country has their different type of crazy. i applaud them for being as devoted as they are. to each their own.

          • Cantaloupe

            The good parts of Texas are what you'd call "West" and the shitty parts are what you'd call "South".

          • F.S.M.

            texass is the asshole of merica. Your shit state is a desert hell hole full of racist bigot rednecks. Your idea of "dressing nice and working hard" is a bunch of shit kickers out punching cows and burning crosses in their KKK robes. Your contribution is the 2 worst presidents in US history. I want you to get sterilized and go fuck yourself you hick.

            • Darkshroomer

              I'm not the biggest fan of Texas but that was just ignorant, go back to you're own country if you don't love this one.

              • nateb123

                No, it really does suck, and it will continue to do so until more people go "What the fuck is this shit? Let's make it better". Until then, the south will continue to be the 'Merca it is today.

    • bud

      ever been to the dirt track in Lancaster, SC? there's a whole different breed of redneck humanoids out there.

  • this guy

    #8 I would say do a doughnut, but she'd probably just eat it.

    • skwee

      The strength of those straps and clasps is beyond scientific explanation

    • ReallySeriously

      Why ask for a doughnut now?….they're on a roll man…..

  • KayMan

    there's so much going on with #6…and I'm still not sure if it's a man or a woman

    • guest

      Neither is it!! hehehe

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #3 I did not give you permission to use my picture!

  • JerryLinGiant

    i feel like i learn so much from someone when they say, "hey want to watch nascar?"

    • Terrence

      Watch a race and then tell me that it's not an incredibly complex combination of talent, strategy, and endurance on par with any other major sport. Sure, it brings out a lot of hicks, but it's a lot more than the stereotypes make it out to be.

      • NASCARSux

        Sports have athletes. "Athlete" is defined in Websters dictionary as "a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill."

        Does that sound like a NASCAR driver? No. So NASCAR isn't a sport, as it has no athletes.

        • Morley Dotes

          They look like athletes to me, and Mark Martin is over 50:

        • Usux


        • snoopyismyhero

          You try wrestling a 3400lb car at 200mph with g-forces exceeding 5g for 4 hours while sitting in a 120F box with 41 other guys doing the same thing 3 inches apart. For 4 hours. Seems to me it hits physical stamina, strength and agility. Then let's look at the pit crews, tossing 85lb tirerim combinations, lifting said car with two pumps of the jack, running over a wall with 90lbs of fuel in their arms and getting the job done in 14 seconds. You couldn't even FIND your jack and lugwrench in 14 seconds. Stop being such a close-minding snob. If you don't like it, that's fine, but don't disrespect them because of your ignorance.


            TURN LEFT

          • nateb123

            G-forces don't touch 2Gs in Nascar you dumb hick. To hit 5G, you'd be accelerating through a sweeper in 7th gear in a Formula 1 car and have the downforce of a jet fighter pushing you into the ground.

            Oh and F1 teams do a tire change in under 3 seconds. 7 if they have to replace the front half of the car. Nascar ain't shit.

        • Darkshroomer

          Dude even Robby Gordon's athletic enough to kick you're bitch ass!

  • Tyler

    Man I'm glad I wasn't born in the south. Dodged a bullet there!

    • Ray

      YEA!!! Me too….glad you weren't born in the SOUTH that is.

    • Felix

      You mean, dodged a mullet there.

      • who?

        Dodged a salad too, by the looks of some of those photos…

      • Csquaredapparel

        LOL! this made me laugh!

  • Martha


    Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should..

    • mcsgwigga

      this photo is as old as the internet

  • BB23

    Way to lay on the hate, Chive. Stereotype much? Disappointing.

    • BostonChiver.

      You can't deny that NASCAR events don't draw out the most interesting people you've ever seen/met. Sure, there are normal people, but the bumpkins come out to play.

      • Steve

        like every single other event going on……I agree with BB23 kinda lame on this one Chive

        • BostonChiver.

          Have you ever been to a NASCAR event? They have them in New Hampshire and I see people there that belong in The Hills Have Eyes…amongst a plethora of gorgeous women and frat bros as well.

        • Cantaloupe

          Yea, they should post boring pictures of people at NASCAR to balance it out. 'cause that's interesting.

          • Darkshroomer

            I'll send them my pictures from LVMS this weekend. So everyone can see the racially diverse fans with appropriate haircuts and all there teeth playing beer pong and having a good time, just like any other American sport.

    • Zedhere

      NASCAR stereotypes itself.

    • Phred

      Seen worse at University events

    • SpacemanSpiff

      this demographic does seem to have some moolah…am i right? Don't hey travel far to get there? Many have an RV. I don't know man, but they do seem to be somewhat loaded.

      I'm not from 'merica, so this question has been buggin me for a long time

      • snoopyismyhero

        Money. Lots of money. One race (there are 36 nationwide not including the support races) is good for the local economy for between $90-210 million per event. This doesn't include the impact on businesses along the traveled way to the events, none-event souvenir sales, brand-related sales (Tide, Chevy, Ford, BurgerKing, etc). NASCAR is BIG money. For the Vegas event above, figure about $136million directly related to the event and 146,000 people attending.

      • BLTP

        It can get quite expensive.

    • YaYo

      It's not a stereotype if it's true

      • Hugh

        Well actually, yes, it is. O_o

  • BostonChiver.

    #18 Manscaping, you're doing it right

    • Scruff

      Indeed! if you've got it, flaunt it!

  • twavor

    #11 I love love living in the USofA!!! (seriously, I do)

    • Zedhere

      I wonder how much someone would have to bet me to eat that. Some people PAY to eat it.

      • twavor

        Oh, come on…I'm positive that it tastes every bit as good as the hot dogs rolling on the Quick-E-Mart cooker. 🙂

        • Zedhere

          Have you ever seen someone buy those? I believe they are still the same ones that originally came with the cooker.

  • doodles

    god bless Canada

    • JoeyWJ

      Canada? WTF is Canada?

    • Celticduck

      FYI, there's a NASCAR race scheduled for Montréal in August.

  • tommytwotime

    #12 jesus christ…

    • meantux


      • tommytwotime


    • Booger T Washington

      Far from it…

    • jay

      Jesus can't help you here.

    • Mr. Ed

      Give her a few more weeks and she may birth jesus.

  • Nemo Hoes

    And here we have the bottom of the gene pool.

  • Jayyy

    #6 & #8…Seriously..What THA fuck…


    too much inbreeding…..why else would a left turn appeal to so many? derp

    • Midgetized

      Most tracks do feature a left-turn only choice, but I dare you to go 125-150mph on a turn, even the slight turns shown most of the time. Your ass is going to be freaking out, those wrecks don't happen because there was a banana on the track, it's because a slight error or zealousness in the driver.

    • Darkshroomer

      Driving ovals are tough, thats why people from Indy, F1, Rally, and other racing come to NASCAR to prove that there the greatest racers. Jaun Pablo Montoya was a great driver till he tried ovals, now all he can do is hit the jet dryer.

      • nateb123

        No, they come to F1 because they're down and out and no one else will take them. The only person who left F1 voluntarily to try something more badass is Kimi Raikonnen. Motherfucker thought "200mph down straights is too easy, I think I'll try dodging trees instead".


    No Regerts

  • Maybe

    otherwise known as your Republican base

    • Sure

      That's because the democratic base is waiting for the next welfare check and going down to to store to cash some food stamps and looking for the next government hand out program……

      • jduceii

        Obviously you're a big FOX news fan. The majority of people on welfare are rual (country) white, women. The truth hurts

        • Jbob

          He didn't say anything about skin color. You must watch a lot of msnbc to jump on someone for being racist when they don't say anything about race.

    • Mr. Ed

      People who bring politics onto a site as fun as the chive need to be shot in the dick.

      • Darkshroomer

        I agree, but I feel the same way about negatively stereotyping fans of a sport.

    • Darkshroomer

      I'm a liberal atheist who hates guns but I live for NASCAR, I'm sorry that because our sport supports the troops you think we're Republicans.

  • Swamp1983

    It gets like that at some of the drag strips too.

  • Bob

    #8 – Dammit Jeff, stop changing the logos on your car!

  • Master_Rahl

    #17 Teeth… optional

    • GernBlansten

      NASCAR makes it really easy to pick a good beer. If you've seen the logo on the side of a car, don't drink it!

    • mshaw166

      They still make Schlitz?

      • Simon

        Ugh, I need to go brush my teeth … for a couple of hours!

      • Catatafish

        hell yeah they do! I only see them in 40oz though

  • Master_Rahl

    #8 Whoa, looks like my wish for women to have back boobs came true… hmmm, now that I SEE it, I kinda want to unwish it.

  • etcrr

    There is trailer trash in every sport

    • smallchinaman

      haha – you called Nascar a sport

      • Darkshroomer

        More of a sport that a bunch of guys running back and forth trowing a ball in a hoop.

    • hud

      and you are the trailer trash of chiving. truckers ARE TT

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