It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (26 Photos)

  • Josh


    • Dr. Fap
    • Shill

      I think the black KCCO are still available, $38 is pricy for me. are the shirts made in china?

      • chris the medic

        There is a discount code on the page too if that helps just "look in the tunk"-ralph wiggum

    • Optimus_prime

      Is it just customary to thumbs down whoever is the first person to comment?

  • DarkSurge

    Chive, I love your site and I picked up a green KCCO shirt yesterday. But I'm a bit of a grammar nazi so on your black KCCO shirt pic, it should say "Slightly thicker than", not "Slightly thicker then". Sorry for being a douche nozzle.

    • America

      Please return that shirt…

      • No doors

        Sorry, fat fingered the thumbs down. You get a thumbs up in life, from me

    • @TheRealGroome

      After scrolling passed lovely ladies, some funny dudes, two llama's, and Ronald McDonald you're still able to complain about some grammar… Man-card revoked.

    • homerpimpson

      I'm just going to say "thank you very much" for those shirts yesterday, Chive! Finally got my Bill Fucking Murray, score!

    • JBE


    • Come At Me Bro

      You know if you would just go to the Chivery and click the cats cradle on the bookself on the bottom of the page you can get a Balck KCCO. I got 2. Or you can not believe and thumbs down this like you have all morning and not get shit.

      • DarkSurge

        LIE! That page does not exist!

      • Binx_
      • chris the medic

        But did you find the egg to the green ones….

        • @jrkuy

          Because you're hoping there is? Or… because you found one?

          • chris the medic

            Hoping but mostly because I'm a jerk

      • jofassa

        …thank you

    • Simon

      Does spelling = grammar now?

      Sorry, I didn't get a shirt so I'm complaining about the people complaining that they did. Got my dang UK time differences mixed up.

      All was not lost though – I ended up drinking a whole lot of wine.

      • Cats Cradle

        Never a bad night with wine, well maybe not never. You may think you have missed out but there is still a chance for the Black KCCO. If you realy wanted one it will present itself

      • chris the medic

        Hey go down to the bottom of the pages click on the cats cradle book just got one in black like 1 minute ago also CHIVEON! For 10%discount code my good deed for the day

        • darkSurge

          Nice catch on the discount code. Just found it at the absolute bottom of the page after reading your post. Good deed noted.

        • Simon

          Thanks for that – I managed to bag myself a black shirt, but didn't know about the discount code in time. Oh well.

      • darkSurge

        Do you know the difference between than and then? Grammar includes proper word usage.

        Regardless, as everyone else has said, you still have a chance to pick up the Black KCCO shirts by clicking the Cat's Cradle book on the bookshelf at the bottom of thechivery page.

        • Simon

          Yeah, I know the difference. I'd just put it down to a spelling issue rather than grammar in my head.

          Got me a KCCO shirt in black, so it's not really that important.

          Have a good weekend.

    • JVK

      No need to give the shirt back. Your post is evidence of keen intellect. Words mean things. Spelling and grammar are extremely important. Excellent catch.

      Much of theChive humor is derived from the exact type of error DarkSurge points out. Again, excellent catch.

  • Matt

    Nice bewbs #1. Just got a black KCCO! GOOD MORNING!

    • Nmph

      Find them both!!!

    • tatw

      these are the davalos twins.

      • The Woim

        Indeed they are. If the secret service was caught with these two in Colombia, not one person would blame them. They'd get a commendation.

        • jimmyc

          I don't know, the one prostitute I did see was pretty fucking hot. And they still were blamed.

    • Dan

      Davalos Twins from Colombia

      • ElChoss

        You're Welcome @gemelasdavalos

    • Faceplant Time
  • jmdmn

    #1 Ooh, I think I see the bombs

    #12 Is the guy the photobomb? Zoom up and in!

    • sheknowsme


      photobombing with bagpipes i quite impressive

  • @BuckeyeEmpire

    #12 greatest photo bomb ever?

    • C_Bush

      You are correct sir.

    • goglas

      Shopped unfortunately….foreground and background are both too well focused for it to be real.

      • @BuckeyeEmpire

        Dont ever let the truth get in the way of a good story

      • Sceptic

        We don't care about your stupid facts

      • Craigery

        Unless you have a good camera and know how to use it.

    • Mogambo

      Greatest photo bomb ever? Really? To you maybe. I don't think he is that good looking.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Actually that one and #4 are photo bums. New category.

  • carl

    Have you ever farted in a jar and then opened the jar later to see if the stink had been captured?

    • Billy

      They sell those on the interwebs……………..

      • carl

        they sell jars? yay!

        • Pouie

          No, they sell farts that you can put in a jar. It comes in a bag. You supply the jar.

          • carl

            mmmmmm….i wonder if you can choose different "flavors"!!!

            • Pouie

              Sure. Popular flavors include "The Frank n Beans" and "The Egg Salad Sandwich".

    • Oddie Monsta

      Challenge Accepted.

    • Optimus_prime

      You can do that in a car too. I believe it was called a sunrise surprise on the Sarah Silverman program

    • Hero Sheema

      Yes, and it had.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #1 I see no photo bomb, just bewbs.

    • Scotty C

      its the chick that looks like she is about to cut herself behind them lol

      • Seattlechiver

        She's hot though!

      • Mido

        Maybe she's thinking about turning lesbian after seeing Davaldo's perfect ass !

        • Mido


  • carl

    #24 yay duckface!

    • dashete

      Those two guys really do seem upset about it though.

      • =+)…those…feet…good christ alive!

  • Bro

    #9 "Derp"


    #18 yes because what's more American than whores and the National Anthem? <sarc>

    • trish

      are you serious? that is exactly the LAST thing that america needs. Ugh. I can't believe some of these comments.

      • Smh.

        C'mon he even added <sarc> for people like you… Get with the program, Kardashian..

        • trish

          ohhhhh, did he put <sarc> there to make sure that people knew it was sarcasm? oh, very clever.

          • JESSE


            • mith

              I'd vote you up more if i could….

      • Alan Carlson

        give me a f'n break that is all this site is, tits and ass and whores

    • Iceman2509

      Is that Greg Gutfeld?

      • map

        Yep, Redeye himself.

      • MIKE


    • Kodos

      Greg Gutfeld FTW

    • Freaksngeeks

      That's the national anthem? I thought they were taking the whore/client confidentiality pledge

  • bob

    #21 is she wearing a diaper?

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Still would

    • tv_paul

      Actually it looks like Christmas wrapping paper. I think I'd just prefer a gift card.

      • Master_Rahl

        best present ever

      • MonkeyMadness

        She shouldn't even bother wrapping, it's just going to end up in the floor in 2 seconds. I'd be like a kid on Christmas morning!

    • bdg

      #21 Moar please!!! Find her!!!!!

  • maboze1x

    #12 Find her please! What a (photo) bomb!

    #15 And the two on the right, please! 😉

    • @icallLTLspoon

      And just like that girl on the left cries herself to sleep

    • Holmespump

      I think girl on the left is pretty cute. Nice side boob.

      • nate

        yea, all 3 of these chicks are fucking knock outs…go ahead and give me any of them

  • Edwin

    The black KCCO are back up, you have to click on the green book in the bookcase.

    • Anjin-San

      Oh come on!
      Why did you do that?

      it was funnier if anyone has to find it by itself.

      you, sir, get a thumb down from me.
      Shame on you

    • Poop

      I got two this morning. Tried to tell people but they didnt listen.

    • Got one KCCO

      WOOHOO FUCK YEAH!!!!! Got one!!!!

    • luckyB

      you bastard

    • jack of all trades

      I feel like they aren't that special since they aren't selling out as quickly. It's just there for anyone to take.

      • triplecap

        At $38 each they might sit there a bit longer. Chive staff are no dummies, why sell shirts for $20 when people will pay $50 on eBay.

        • kellar15

          Chive staff shouldn't be as greedy as the fucks on eBay

      • yup

        Technically this is day 2 they've been up.. so that's a record.

    • Epic_Failure1

      Thanks Edwin, How did you figure that out? I am staying calm although I am getting a large chive shirt collection. 🙂

      • 10 Percent Off Code


  • DarkSurge

    #3 Bambino Bomb!!

    • DarkSurge

      The Great Bombino!

    • Dr. Fap

      That is an amazing pic. Epic photobomb

    • jack of all trades

      The great Bambi!

    • Bro


  • TheBAMFinater

    #6 took me a minute, but when you see it…

    • nuccabay

      oh man, i literally was looking at that one for a while, gave up, saw it in 2 seconds on the second look

  • kcco

    For those that missed out kcco black is available again in the same place as yesterday.

  • CoLNo1

    #26 Hii, can I have some Juic…………………………. waiiiit, what have I just wandered in on?

    • Sean Connery

      Your mother's a whore.

      • CoLNo1

        Well that was uncalled for!

        • Sean Connery

          Sorry, Colonel…I was referring to the wee-beastie in the photo. I'm sure your mother is a fine human being and I would like to extend a very happy Mother's Day to her.

          • CoLNo1

            Was only messing with you Brother! I'll extend the wishes, and the very best to you and your Mother too – KCCO

  • etcrr

    #12 I didn't notice anything in the pic other than the scantily clad beauty laying on the beach

    • etcrr's goat

      fuck off

    • bob

      at the bottom half of the photo is a guy with sunglasses.

      • Big Nipple Girl

        That's who Stan was talking about.

    • Craigery

      You can tell she's beautiful just from her back and oddly-shaped hips?

  • Chris
  • drbman

    #12 chive could you please do a tiny T g string gallery like the bomb in this shot!!

    • John Bocanegra

      i second that.

  • C C

    Ruthian bomb


  • STP

    #1 is going in the next Find Her post. I just know it.

    • CR Man

      Search "davalos sisters" in Google.. Enjoy

    • Coob

      Davalos twins. You are welcome gentlemen

    • Fox

      TOOOOTTEESSS.. she's hawt

  • B Dub

    Black KCCOs available. Go to theChivery, scroll to bottom bookshelf. Select green Cats Cradle book and buy! KCCO! Don't forget discount code CHIVEON! for 10% off!

    • Steve Taylor

      Spent so much money on shirts this weekend, totally worth it!

    • Bro

      You, kind sir, are awesome. *Bro-Five*

    • Anjin-San

      B Dub.

      You are a fucking attention whore.

      Where's the fun now in getting the black one?

      you should have kept the "secret" for yourself

      shame on you

      • Edwin

        You're the kid who takes his ball home when he loses.

        Chivers helping Chivers…

        • Anjin-San

          Then why the black KCCO page and the discount coupon were hidden?

          • chris the medic

            To see if we would do the right thing it was a test of our chive character

            • jack of all trades

              I decided not to go for any of the shirts yesterday because I didn't feel like having to go through the shit storm of emotions. I kept calm and watched everyone go for them and a Chiver posted how to get a black kcco. 20 minutes after reading complaints on not getting any shirts because the site crashed, I got a black KCCO shirt! Now I have one to wear when I welcome my new baby boy into the world. Thanks Chiver and Chive for putting up the page that doesn't exist.

          • chris the medic

            I do have to admit though I did find mine on my own I checked back just to see if it might work today and was more excited finding it as a surprise than I would be if someone had told me

            • Anjin-San

              That's the spirit
              Chive on Bro

    • AllanA

      An hour after and the black KKCO still available!!! I just purchased mine….You sure are awesome….Chive on!

  • forever alone

    #14 hipstas get no fame on chive disgrace to wear thechives colours typical american sort of people i dont want to be near ever

    • forever alone

      using women as mules is ok

    • Charles Radbourne

      @ "Forever Alone": Thanks for your failed attempt at a rational, well-thought-out complaint. However, at this time it has been determined that you lack the necessary English language skills to communicate on this website…Or you need an MRI for an undiagnosed head injury. Either way, you lose.

    • bob

      "hipstas"? Looks like someone's dad.

    • Craigery

      Look like they could just as easily be Eurotrash.

    • VjM

      The old guy is going to ruin the brand.

    • Treneuf

      Fuck you were Canadian you dick sucking fuckng whore

  • echogeo

    Photobomb: Stealth Mode

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