I hate my job (24 Photos)

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  • babyfartmagizax

    #5 MOAR of you please!! And LESS clothes!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      she has a shower at work?

      • winfields

        school teacher?

        • Unfkngblvbl

          Do school teachers have showers? I don't remember that when I was in school.

        • SuperDanMan4290

          If she was my teacher…. she would be my favorite. Shower… College Professor??



          • A BiPolar Guy

            Al lot of places have them for a lot of reasons, including offices in places that had prior uses.

    • Tomy1603

      Oh yes!

    • Mango Reinhardt

      Dear Chive, please fix the Cascade, Droid, and Lysol auto-play videos on the main page and in the posts. I can't leave your page open at work anymore for fear of ads playing while I try to help customers. This is a problem. Looooove you…

    • babyfart's dustydick

      Ungrateful bastards! If I ever get a job, the first thing I'm doing is moving out of mom's basement!

      • babyfartmagizax

        you have a problem man, you are way too obsessed… get help!

        • take a break bfart

          wait, who's obsessed and needs to get help? Cause it seems like YOU are the one who might consider getting some treatment for the severe obsession with commenting (multiple times) on here.

    • longshot421

      Love the pencil skirt. Oh so very sexy.

    • Binger

      You'll all be glad to notice there is no wedding or engagement ring!!!! MOAR please you are amazingly beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  • magrin

    this is all i do at work

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #18 people that take those calls aren't all outsourced?
    Either way, way to rep the chive in Mass!

    • http://twitter.com/malcolm_rogers @malcolm_rogers

      heh, i work for the company that makes the phone/software he's using 🙂

      • weldsoft

        Cool story Bro.

  • scotology

    #13 Like a boss

    • Dale

      That cubicle is too neat. Photoshopped.

      • FrankieFlowerz

        not inside!)

  • winfields

    #2 that thing have a fan in it I hope!

    • negative nancy

      Your English dialect sucks.

      • winfields

        sorry about that… meant to put a question mark instead of an exclamation point. I appreciate you pointing out my mistake.

        • negative nancy

          The punctuation is not what I was referring to.
          "has" is the word you were looking for, "has a fan"

          • 6655321

            You should put a period at the end of your sentence.

            • negative nancy

              You should fuck off. period.

              • southernmost

                You're on your period, period.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

      How could he hate his job? He looks so happy…..

    • aaaa

      motivational poster for high school students

  • krm


    • http://www.facebook.com/mtbiker124 Nick Parsons

      Atleast you were close… oh wait, no you were 6th. Jump off a bridge. Dumbass.

  • rsjem1979


    Boy, someone really ordered a lot of gray hamburgers.

    • Dick Salad

      Looks gross… must give chivers location so we never mistakenly eat there.

  • Trav1121

    #1 That seems like a great place to work. 😦

  • Munyshot

    #5 Keep going…

  • whyme1973

    #5 You guys hiring? I may be bored, but the scenery would be fantastic.

  • http://twitter.com/TAndrewarhol @TAndrewarhol

    #6 I would hate that job too, having to ride bikes everywhere, always have a name tag and be called Elder everyday…

    • REL

      Hey, it's not so bad. You get to see the world. Chive on, Mormon Missionaries!

      • http://www.facebook.com/aj.nilson.12 Aj Nilson

        Honestly 90% of missionaries love it. They get to travel and meet all sorts of new people, and there is a ton of goofing off. Its all attitude and being able to KCCO. Chive on elders.

      • Lanno

        Not that bad at all! I was one in Peru for 2 years! Kept Calm the whole time!

      • Samhedi

        It's great, except for the part where you have to sell your soul and lie to people all the time.

        • musclerobot

          sell your soul huh? interesting phrasing

      • steve

        Just remenber its all about staying cool and chive on!!! Chive On Elders!

    • Steve-0

      Spent 2 in the Dominican Republic, Kept Calm for two years straight, loved every second!!

    • LDS

      kept calm for 2 in OR. deal wit it.

  • PlegroNease

    #14 this is where i flip a table and say fuck this shit im out.

    • MISTERButterworth!

      I spent 17 years in Cable TV and this shit was everywhere, especially in apartment complexes. A stellar tech was one that used his address tags religiously.

  • Bob

    #5 Love the business suit.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #24 That's fucked up.

    • Chris

      It reminds me of F.E.A.R. a little bit though.

      its around 3:00

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  • Tomy1603

    I Love it

  • passwordistaco

    #2 Nick Lachey?

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #5 Be bored more often please 🙂

  • TheBAMFinater

    #5 let me add to the MOAR call!!

  • Dan

    #24 Tastiest office prank ever!

    • MonkeyMadness

      "Honey, I'll be working late tonight, don't worry, I'll grab something to eat at the office!"

  • TomatoTipper

    Well if they hate their job then good because they won't have it much longer. If I was the customer I would have hit the guy in the back of the face with a wrench.

    • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      Shit happens, violent reaction guy.

    • MarkyMark

      Where is the back of the face???

    • Abo

      You sir are a dick, pretty sure no mechanic goes to work with the intention of getting squashed by a car, the hoist probably failed, seen it before… not fun

  • scottyboy16

    #5, Can I be bored at work with you????

  • Name

    #4 Guess you guys just bought someone a new car….

  • Jesus M.

    #23 definitly want 1

    • Ben


  • jeff donuts

    what is the name of this app

    • chiz niz

      this guy getting paid $17.03 an hour to poop

    • Ziggy

      Better question: Who's playing with their phone while taking a dump?

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