Friends take the same photo every year to document the passing of time (7 Photos)

For the last thirty years, five friends have been reuniting at Copco Lake in California to recreate a photo they first took back in 1982. They were high school buddies back then, now they are all grown ups with very different lives in very different places. But that doesn’t stop them from making their pilgrimage back to that lake every 5 years to show their progression as friends and as people.

BTW, what you can’t see clearly from the picture is the contents of the original jar, and unnamed sixth member of the group…a cockroach they found and decided to keep as a pet.


  • B rex

    This made me smile while also making me depressed.

    • JUtah


    • Peter

      The depressing would be if you had less than 5 guys in the later photos.
      Don't take life for granted, aging is a normal thing. 30 years friendship now that's the moral here.
      I wish these guys to make plenty more photos together

      • john v.

        good point.

      • Meg

        Shutup Peter…you sound like a queer.

      • Bill57

        that is true cause if there was 4 guys in the later photo then there would be one less guy cause maybe he got lost on the way to the lake. he shouldn't take directions for granted cause getting lost is a normal thing and its good to have morals I hope they are always 5 guys and not 4 cause that would be bad. great photos

    • Michael

      I agree. The fact that these guys still get together to take the photo is awesome and warms your heart. Makes me sad, though, because there aren't 5 people I knew from high school that I still keep up with.

      • Jake

        I don't keep up with any of my guys from high school. They turned out to be druggies or "beer pong fanatics" while I went into pre-med. I love and miss the times we had together playing football and pranking each other though…
        You don't get to decide who is short-term, long-term, or lifelong in your life, you just have to roll with it.

        • Jake

          Oh and also, I was really expecting at least one of them to join the army.

        • Indeed

          Wow, look how much better you are than your old friends. Good for you

    • asdfasdfasdf

      reddit first

  • Rob


    • Mad Hatter


    • heywoodjablowme

      and I'm first to call you a douchebag.

    • Kitra

      Spent too much time on the exclamation marks. Might have made it.

  • guest


    • blues

      Not even the first "first"!

  • Kahless

    They aged very well

  • Goldmember

    The last 5 years have been hard on them.

    • jim

      on everyone

    • Rufus

      damn recession

  • dexstar

    damn they got ugly, still cool though

    • Jay

      It's called aging. It happens.

  • Mark B.

    <img src=>My god, Singing with my eyes shut, they so funny. <img src=>

  • You Are!

    So is that cockroach still alive or what?

  • annonnnnnnn

    This was on Reddit 3 days ago.

    • Towely

      You were on reddit three day ago.

    • Guy

      I don't go to Reddit everyday, so I missed this, but I chive everyday, so thanks for the post.

    • pufffdragon

      I was on your mom 5 days ago.

      • jim

        Dad, stop using the computer when u are drunk. I already told you many times!

    • Johncasey

      where on this site does it say " All of our content is original ".

    • TheIrishFascist

      Why bother going to other websites…that way everything is new to you on the chive, seems like a great idea to me, kcco.

    • thedude325

      Reddit is filled with assholes.

  • Ant

    I like how they took the first 2 with no shirts and the 5 they all were wearing shirts

  • Erin

    This was totally on Reddit like, 2 days ago.

    • Totally like, Erin

      I hope you totally don't talk how you type, like stupid.

    • Jake

      I don't dare touch Reddit; it's nowhere as cool as theChive. I prefer the layout and the community on here.

      • patov40

        Jake, doing it right. Erin, like so totally like lame and what not, y'know! B-)

    • Darren

      So you're saying there are websites that take information from other websites and reuse it? Please tell me more about how the internets works.

  • whatwhowhenwherewhy

    Yup, pretty sure this was big on reddit. you need original content. Not the 1st, or 2nd time this has happened.

    • Chiven

      What popular website do you run?

    • Jake

      I'm sure they got it from someone else, also…

      • Jake

        And by "they" I meant Reddit…

    • Ben Dover

      How often do you wear your "Reddit" T-Shirt out in public and have dozens of people yell to you "Reddit On"
      I didn't think so. So shut your mouth about other lame sites and KCCO!!!!

    • 262

      Do you expect them to take all their own pics? Chive is here for your entertainment. If you don't like it, don't look at it.

    • Darren

      Are you new to the internet or something? Do you not know how these websites work? There is one guy who creates every picture on the internet and about 5 billion websites that post said pictures. Fact!

      • dick

        True story…

    • Cru Jones

      Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!…who cares if it was on Reddit, if you don't like it stay on Reddit . Pretty tired of all the "I saw it on Reddit first before it was cool", internet hipsters. Reddit sucks and so do you!

    • Jess

      I don't visit reddit. I visit theChive.

    • Johnny Bloom

      It was original for me. I must have more of a life than you.

  • FionnR

    The second guy from the left has some issues with his hair

    • D-Wiz

      was thinking the same thing haha especially the last pic. wth happened?

    • Flox

      I'd rather say things went downhilll for him after 92. But, yes, I inferred that from his (facial) hair.

      • Dan

        he''s got some hair issues going on from the first picture to the last, everyone elses stayed pretty much the same that guy seems like he never knew what he wanted.

  • Stacey Copeland

    kind of a reminder how we all should make a 5 year plan cause we change too much

    • Jake

      I disagree. I'd rather not plan years in advance; I don't want to know where I'll be five years from now. You know how boring life would be if none of us changed AND we knew what life would be like five years from now? The exciting part about life is that I have no idea what is in store next year, or even next month.
      If you're not changing, you're moving backward in life.

      • Arby

        You musn't have gone to college.

  • That guy

    Whoa Whoa WHOA CHIVE!!! This picture was already on the vast Internet, you can't use it anymore. Thats probably some kind of copyright infringement. Reddit… hah!

    • M.O.T.

      Don't think anyone got that you were clearly trolling the people who already mentioned Reddit.
      Humour recognition fail.

      • JHL1

        No, it was just not humorous.

  • Chris

    guy 2nd from the end really lost it by 2012. never the less, this is cool

    • Murphy, it's you

      The beard is AWESOME.

  • whyme1973

    Very cool. Rare to find that good of friends that early in life.

  • kahnsbushymustache

    The guy second from the end morphed into James Hetfield of Metalica…

  • vitamin diche

    kudos to the guy on the right keeping that same t shirt for the last 3

  • vitamin diche

    or 4 even. hells teeth its early.

  • sucks2suck

    #6 & #7 5 years really was a big change on how old they look.

    • rikooprate

      I thought the exact same thing. SCARY!!!

  • Real

    Five years can make a big difference people. Use those five wisely.

  • freddy boy

    #7 And so we all shall be. Thank you, gentlemen.

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  • boob_cuddle


    • Dan


      • Mandingo

        some pretty loyal chivers huh?

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