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  • A dude


  • Dakota

    im still mad i got rick rolled earlier

    • Epitomizer

      New form of internet trolling: Rick Trolled

    • TommyKnockers

      yeah it sucked but I was still laughing.

  • kisserott

    #33 I'd still tap Nikki, regardless.

    • Hehe

      It's attached to your rod motha licka!

      • Steve Zinn

        Glad to see Old Gregg making theChive, Though i'm sure Nikki has drank Baileys from a shoe and attended a party where people Wee on each other

    • Kilroywashere

      Even if she is a scaly fish-man?

      • kisserott

        Nah not Old Gregg, just plastic botox nikki….

    • Sam Christy

      They both have downstairs mixups…

    • MacNCheesePro

      I guess we're the only ones that would tap a big booty ebony woman that is obviously wild in bed. to each his own!

      • MacNCheesePro

        Negative rep me all you want! Once I'm done there'd be nothing left but a green and pink stained sheet with a pair of fake eyelashes on the floor!

        • Jeff

          i'm sure

          • MacNCheesePro

            FAP FAP FAP FAP #33

    • tmc102464

      I'm Old Gregg!

  • StingRay

    #38 makes me happy to be an American!

    • Firefighter23

      Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. Still a better love than Twilight.

      • FunKiller

        WolvAbe would've been better…..but I'll take it!!

        • Mickael Duncan

          That would be the sequel with Teddy Roosevelt

  • gfsdg

    whoever says "first"… fuck you.

    • Rodion Butyrski

      Fuck you indeed

    • bbaammm


    • savagecabbage

      quite ironic… you fucked yourself

    • FunKiller


      • Meh

        Fuck you!

    • will

      first to say emhaherd fuh q? dunno. Try being first at being original, hero

  • Rodion Butyrski

    #10 Advertising…………………. you're doing it right.

    • FunKiller

      Let natural selection do it's thing.

  • Bill

    #41 that's why nobody has tobe afraid that we germans start another world war.

    • hark1985

      *to be

    • Kristen

      You're a retarded fuck, Bill.

      • Bill

        Well and you cheated on Robert. Shame on you Kristen!

      • Kristen's Dad

        Sorry guys.. Kristen chewed through her leash again and got out the basement.. Taking her to the dentist now..

  • Optimus_prime

    #20 oh car, you are drunk

    • Bubba

      oh car, you are sunk

  • Big_James

    #41 my hero.

    • gnocco

      an hero*

  • jimctu

    #17 and I bet people still asks where the water is =P<img src=";;;width="1" height="1" border="0"><img src="; width="1" height="1"/><img src="; width="1" height="1" alt="Map" style="border: 0px;" /><img src="; width="1"/>

  • Madman

    #41 = Fail

    • Pants Pudding

      No, that's the intended use. It's, um, a happiness grenade.

  • Miranda

    #12 If you hit me you better fucking RUN!

  • passwordistaco

    #32 Fuck it, that's funny.

    • Jared

      But, at least my unemployment money is still enough to pay to have my grass cut.

      • Heavyhand

        Sounds like you have the time to do it yourself…
        Or did you break your lawnmower riding it down to the bingo hall?


        • Come On People

          By riding mower you meant g-ride with rims and a sound system, and by bingo hall you meant down to the corner to sell drugs. Thank s Obama, for putting half of "Merica on welfare and making sure all illegals get tax refunds while making sure that they don't even have to look for work to get money from the government.

          • Greg Khaikin

            That doesn't even make sense. Not even a little bit.

    • Cpt America

      Go home

      • Hawkeye

        I was planning on skipping out of work early anyway, so whatever you say Cap'.

    • ugly 'merican

      They should learn how to drive first before they can take anyone's job.

    • AtlantaBurning

      That was exactly my reaction. I didn't want to like it but shit funny is funny.

  • Derp_Free_Zone

    #5 Who needs Jesus in a sandwich when you've got this

    • Jared

      Im curious about the condiment used for the whites of the eyes.

    • Zappers

      Looks like Big O's campaign logo

      • zappers

        Oops. This was suppose to go under #32. "Looks like Big O's campaign logo". Sorry. I think this qualifies me to run for political office.

  • Calder027

    #8 Some of the best Micro-brew beer, from my hometown… but my guess is this sign is in DT Ottawa… But the sign says it best…

  • Kcruz09

    #41. "i've made a mistake"

  • Woody

    #26 looks like they put safety first

    • evan

      its photo shopped…not real


    #13 we need one of those at my job!


      Ment #31 Dumass!


    #13 we already have one of these at my work.

  • Jaeger

    #38 Mean while in Illinois

  • passwordistaco

    Nobody's gonna ask for moar of #3? Looks like she has a rockin' body.

    • meeeee

      I want moar too….

      • Med

        I want birth certificate before i see anymore of #3

  • Jaeger

    #41 You know you're having a bad day when suddenly

  • hark1985

    #11 not a single fuck was given that day…

    • Will

      Lol I was there, they had cops to protect the Romney people they were being heckled all day mwahahahahha

    • Kristen

      Is that Obama's uncle?

      • Fuhrer D

        Nope, probably the guy that your mom uses to cuck your dad.

      • Come On People

        Nope that is Obama looking for a job, after he gets voted out in November.

    • Owen Smithers

      Guess Romney wasn't giving away enough 'free' stuff (also known as the earnings of other people).

      • Indeed

        Of course not, Romney doesn't "give." He won't even pay his own taxes.

        • think for yourself

          lol, put down the crack pipe ya dumb ass sheep.

  • Ohier

    #30 Ohio is the capital of Serial Killers and Astronauts. Get it right!

  • crazydog

    #4 pikataylorlautner

    • Smartass

      It's supposed to be alpacachu.

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