I see your freedom and raise you Merica (35 Photos)

  • MattyDeuce

    #1 business in the front, party in the back

    • Fred

      ….yet clearly foreign

      • adxasd

        this is what I think too, this guy looks Iranian or Greek…

        • JHL1

          Yes, certainly not Native American at all.

    • Notknowing

      Same could be said for #35

    • bones

      Men name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

      JK, it's former NY Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez!

    • Bob

      Supernatural 😀
      and #35 looks like she know how to party in the front and the back

  • Chris

    Merica Fuck yeah!

    • davo

      #34 shoots a bunch of canadians by accident

      • Kristen

        Wasn't an accident.

    • pjb

      merica sucks yeah

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Damn, and if you think THIS gallery has a lot of American flags, wait till you see the DAR!

    – Fan testimonial: "Here's a fan testimonial for you: "Go fuck yourself!" -SaveFerris – SaveFerris"

    • Eastwood

      Just die, you shameless cunt.

    • Abel

      Do 'Merica a favor and just die.
      PS. Nice fail on your 'testimonial'.

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        PS: read again, it's correct!

        MOAR flags than in and on a rednecks truck!

        – Fan testimonial: "Just when you seemed that you possibly might have a heart, and were capable of acting like a human being paula, you go and fuck it up."

        • Ducati 999R

          its 9/11 have some decency and respect.

      • Cain

        WTF, I thought I killed you.

    • IHatePaula!

      Do us all a favor and kill yourself

      • IHatePaula!

        And let me suck your huge cock.

    • SaveFerris

      She wrote it right. She was quoting me quoting myself. That was a good day

      • SaveFerris

        I am a huge retard how eats their own shit. SaveFerris.

        • SaveFerris

          Cute, but the impact was lessened by your horrible spelling.

          • SaveFerris


  • TheBAMFinater

    #35 I don't think that is the right way to fly the flag. Just sayin

    • acupofjoe

      That flag is flyin just right sir.

    • truth

      I agree. I would rather see this particular flag in the background far removed from its current placement.

      • hmph

        I wouldn't and my opinion is far greater than yours will ever be

        • Brian

          He is implying that he wants to see her naked.

          • gasp

            I take it back! I taaaaaaaake it baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    • FuckThisShit

      U MAD BRO? Sorry about your virginity

    • reclaimer

      may not be the right way, but its the best way.

    • JonnyRocket

      lol @ the kid in the background

    • goatpunch

      Well I don't think it's a real flag. Even if it were I can bet Ben Franklin at least, would approve. (He love whores and Merica more than I could ever hope to)

    • Ron

      I got just the flagpole for that, Babe!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

    I'll take a #35. Also #16 I want on my wall.

    • texjosh

      Nothing wrong with having kids but I hope the ones in the background don't come with her.

  • tv_paul

    #1 So true and thank you Keith Hernandez look a like.
    #24 Please don't show us the A!

    • yawn

      please stop commenting

    • Max

      Show us the A!

  • Woodchuck

    #15 i'm a peach John 3:16

    • hii

      Peach-Obama silly names these kids have these days…

  • linkx

    God bless America #35

  • judge dredd

    Merica love it or GTFO!

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Cause we're the land of freedom to be just like you

    • Truth

      I am out and some of you are downright retarded!

  • Gustopher

    #4 – So much 'Merica in one photo… Awesome.

    • Calieb

      that poor poor ladder!!!!

  • MrUpp07

    #3 I love this country…

    • bob

      you just HAD to put a duckface in the 'merica gallery…

      insert sad face here.

      • MrUpp07

        I feel like it's less of a duck face, and more of an, "Oops, my boob is falling out" face.

  • fuckyeah

    #3 and #35 mericuhhhhhh!

  • GatOne

    #35 Will be mine!

    • reclaimer

      id like to fly that flag on my pole

  • temujin1234
    • Dave

      Twin Towers?

    • z0phi3l

      Been to Thailand and Australia, it's sad how many Americans actually do that 😦

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        Went to Thailand for 3 weeks once. Best food on the planet, but after two and a half weeks I really wanted a burger and fries so I ate at McDonalds. It wasn't sad.

        • Snuggs

          Street Pad Thai is friggen rad, but yeah after a bit you always break down and grab a greasy burger.

    • etcrrsux

      fuck off stan

    • Matt

      I said this on the pic itself, but I've been abroad and really eating at McDonald's is a pretty good way to get a flavor for the culture (a la Pulp Fiction).

  • Stick

    Hey, at least no improperly hung flags this time around.

    • texjosh

      #8 is technically signaling distress… perhaps the distress she hass left me in with how hot she is?

  • MattyDeuce

    #35 ok this patriot needs to be found, stat!

  • Colin

    #24 I do not want to know where the A is

    • Adam

      I am amazed that with all that space he couldn't make the letters all fit. Poor planning.

    • ColorForDAYS

      it's on his A

  • Josh R.

    #10 Merica!

    • A BiPolar Guy

      I've been there. Eagles deliver the food. No fool'n !!

  • nick

    #26 CHUBBIES 'Merica's. Sky's out thighs out

    • dawgbone98

      Isn't the sky always out?

  • Pat_Bateman1

    #23 never forget

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    #13 Wonder if Mr. 3000 Club is cool with the toddler pointing that rifle at his dome like that.

    Firearm safety: srs bzns…unless yer a redneck with toddlers.

    /full disclosure, I AM a redneck (albeit without toddlers anymore)

    • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.davis.3998 Elizabeth Davis

      I don't know any rednecks who know what the word albeit means, much less use it. I'm from Texas and I feel that I'm an expert on rednecks. You sir, do not qualify.

      I'm not saying it's a bad thing, and I'm for damn sure not saying I'm a redneck either. Just stating some facts.

      • David C

        albeit : The way a redneck announces his or her intented location.

        "If you need me for sump'n, albeit Wal-Mart checkin' out the hotties."

      • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

        Well, I'm from Florida and I live in Georgia and my experience and exposure to rednecks is likely equal to yours. That said, you probably are correct in that I'm not a redneck. I'm possessed of an education, I have all my own original teeth, my wife DID need to change her last name when we married and my home has never been possessed of wheels so it has never been intentionally nor meteorologically unintentionally mobile.

        However, I do speak with a pronounced accent, I do follow college football slightly more than I keep track of children's birthdays, I hunt, I fish, I watch Nascar and have a favorite driver (although it isn't Junior) and I have been known to consume mass quantities of cheap beer (but almost never for breakfast). So, I have many of the requisite qualities of that subculture.

        Perhaps I am a "NINO" ('Neck in name only)?

    • McIrish

      What you've all failed to notice is that these are no ordinary rednecks. They're jayhawk fans. The absolute least tolerable of the redneck culture.

      PS – GO TIGERS!!!

      • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

        Ah! My bad.

        See, here in SEC country, we lump all ya'll under the category of "opponents who will improve our record should we actually meet on the field".

        / just kidding

  • Bob

    #29 learn to spell stupid
    #35 is one thing I can like about the US

    • bobsux

      Learn grammar and punctuation, stupid.

      • Bob

        Learn to Chive properly, moron.

    • Chargers Suck

      the southern united states are an embarrassment .

  • Takingbackcider

    #30 Putting this at the end of a Hump Day post could knock someone off their stride…

    • Master_Rahl

      that'll knock someone clear off the planet… ugh

      • Cecil

        They troll us enough mid fap during hump day. This, this would make me hesitate to even close my office door…

    • jussayin

      Challenge Accepted!

    • Trent


  • Dave

    #35 kid in the background… So much win in this picture, you almost miss the fail!

    • FuckThisShit

      That just makes are a very patriotic MILF!

    • amproctor


      No ring though, could be her brother or one pimp-of-a 10 year old…

    • B-to-the-H

      The hotness makes up for it.

  • bustamuve

    Not sure how respectful this post actually is….

    • kbutt

      Agree, but it does show the beauty and the ugliness of americans.

    • DavyJones

      Agreed…9/11 is not really the day for a make fun of America post

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