2012: It’s been quite a year (Video)

By any measure, 2012 has been one for the books. From an election to the Olympics, from Hurricanes to violent massacres, from viral videos to landing on Mars. This year has brought us together, locally, nationally, and even internationally as we hurtle together into a future destined to be built as much by unimaginable new technologies as by the unprecedentedly diverse people wielding them. 2012 was quite a year, so let’s take a quick look back on all that it held.

Cut together by Jean-Louis Nguyen

  • KCJake

    That was really moving. Even though it gave Gangnam Style a little too much airtime.

    • Kenz Love

      It also has close to 1 billion views on youtube… the most of any videos there. it got this all in such a short time and took over so much that it is only fitting. Though I don't care for it either….

    • http://twitter.com/jeanlouisnguyen @jeanlouisnguyen

      Thanks for watching! If you like my video, feel free to re-share the original. Not sure why theChive decided to repost instead of simply embedding it.

  • Guest

    Right in the feels

  • BK84

    Not gonna lie, I got dust in both of my eyes at the baby elephant part

    • http://twitter.com/jeanlouisnguyen @jeanlouisnguyen

      Probably would've had a bigger impact had I included the sounds the baby and mom made while running towards each other! And thanks for watching. Feel free to re-share the original video here (theChive posted a copy instead of embedding the correct video).

  • Tiber_Septim

    tough year, we lost a lot including twinkies

    • Justin

      RIGHT?! Not a single picture of a fucking twinkie.

      • Useyoureyes

        Dude there's a pic of a whole box of them

  • AUSChiver

    I really want a link to each of the clips shown, just to relive it 🙂

  • DAVE

    "Be the change you wish to see in the world" KCCO

    • timberman

      not only worth a thumbs up but also an "AMEN, well said"

  • Hello


    • ShakeyTheMoil

      Kone 2012…no I mean Dave in a wheelchair…ohhh i'm so confused????

  • Simeon

    Funny how we saw either only USA crap or crap involving the USA.

    • g3nXsLack3r

      Huh? Do you even watch?

    • coop

      I know! I didn't even see Kate Middleton having morning sickness! Ugh. Get your head outta your ass, Sim.

    • A2_tha_MFK

      I'm Australian and you're a jerk………….off

    • imdowngetme

      dont be mad because your country sucks

      • Simeon

        Yeah it does ,doesn't it. :C

  • ChitownCHiver

    Damn, what a year. Cheers to making the next one even better.

  • dedubs

    Better than Google's video. You heard it here first, theChive is greater than Google. Not in size, but definitely in spirit.

    • http://twitter.com/MattWyman7 @MattWyman7

      theChive didn't make the video, though. They should've embedded the original (from YouTube).

  • yup

    and people try to say there is no good in the world

  • Connor

    Youtube released an absolute shit "2012 year in review" video recently. Glad I got to see this, which is incredible. Makes up for it.

  • TreeMeister21

    those damn ninjas cutting onions in my room at it again….

  • A2_tha_MFK

    REALITY! One Billion times more interesting then fiction or fantasy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/j.n.jessen Jesper Jessen

    Some of this is quite hard to watch without tearing up 🙂

  • ewruth

    Kinda makes that whole "graduating law school in a few months" thing seem quite unimpressive. Thanks for the perspective…jerks.

    • coop

      Subtle. Motion to have this comment stricken from the record? On account of you being a pompous ass.

      • Guest

        ^Dude KCCO. Doesn't seem pompous at all.

  • Eric Ruth

    Kinda makes that whole "graduating with a JD in a few months" thing seem unimpressive. Thanks a lot, you jerks of 2012 and all of your outstanding awesomeness.

    • coop

      Kinda makes the 2 foot penis and a Lamborghini in my supermodel sister wives' new mansion seem unimpressive.

  • Q8Y Chiver

    was the fireworks Guinness world record of Kuwait in there or did I miss it?

  • Pants

    God all the feel good bullshit contained in this video makes me want to puke.

    • katastrophe89

      Then fuck off Debbie Downer…geez

  • bobaso

    thanks, 2012, I enjoyed you..

  • yoyo

    One of the best vids Chive.. one of the best..

    • katastrophe89

      I agree.

  • Tex

    awesome video, 2012 had its ups and down, hopefully 2013 will be better

  • Rick

    Who says the world is going to end tomorrow?

  • Aaron

    I know the Marine proposing at 1:52, small world.

  • AnItalianChiver

    Made me cry like baby.. More or less..

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