• MHLMberry

    So adorable!!

  • Ty4

    "Yahoo!" I want that man to be my grandfather. He is awesome.

  • Tiber_Septim

    I love these two funny as hell, crispy, no flakey

  • RealZoo

    I don't want to get old.

    • T-Rex arms

      I don't want you to get old either.

  • einsteinselbow

    mmmmm. ……noodle soup.

    • Morten

      The first thing I thought as well – how did I miss your comment before adding mine??? Sorry.

      • einsteinselbow

        'm surprised it was said before my comment. you gotta be quicker next time

  • Matt

    When the woman tried and messed up too, I lost it haha. Too funny.

  • Xena

    i hope to be this amazing at their age!

  • Lauren

    I laughed WAY harder at this than I probably should have.

  • PianoFingers


  • Morten

    Mmmmmm… noodle soup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.barnes1 Matthew Barnes

    2nd video this week from Maine! KCCO!

  • DBig

    The lady looks like my aunt Betty in about 10 years, but the couple themself, it's priceless! I laughed probably more than I should have, but God bless 'em. I hope I'm that happy one day down the road.

  • Maine Chiver

    This is literally down the street from me, KCCO from Maine!

  • Buckethead

    funny stuff

  • 87eddiemac

    Try new Soylent Grey, now in a buttery flaky crust….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/julesmarie310 @julesmarie310

    SO funny. Makes me miss my grandmaw and grandpaw.

  • Mike

    Good laughs, Merry Christmas!

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