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    […] I have some really incredible people in my life. Yesterday my friend Mike sent me a link to a Tribute to MLK. This quote I am reminded of today as I wrote this […]

  • gradaddy

    my people celebrate Robert Earl Keen Jr. day

  • Tunie

    Why would a site dedicated to showing white girls nude and everything white have a tribute to MLK? If someone didn't tell me, I wouldn't have believed it. Why cant we simply be left alone? Can you not be content with looking at white girls with self-esteem issues before they turn to porn?I'm sure some of you 30 and over would rather be looking at a self-shot of a 15 year old.
    I didn't know, so many white people understood the black community. I have traveled to several countries. I learned many things. One important thing is the rest of the world doesn't buy any of this bull shit. The American isn't as respected as he thinks. Moreover, American equals white. White girls are viewed as the worlds biggest whores. America isn't the land of opportunity. (I guess that's why immigration is down. American's never look as good as they do on TV.) American's are prideful and hypocrites. I found this to be a prevalent thought in Ukraine, Russia and France. I find comfort in these things. Immigrants come here and witness, so much. Even the immigrants here think this society is perverse. That is why they do not shed their culture. If an immigrant girl wants toe become more Amercan, she is told to be a whore.. I's agree with that.

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