I have a dream today (34 Photos)

  • crazydog

    He was a strong man

    • JESSE

      No one ever talks about his faults. He was a notorious philanderer and misogynist. History should take the good with the bad for EVERY man or woman who makes a difference.

      • I'm African

        It's full blown black day in M'erica. Because your white ass never went into the Ghetto to found out how much they really hate you.

        • Stephen

          I can't really say I hate anyone, but I some people do push me. People like you mostly. You people meaning ignorant, childish, attention whores with sheepish tendencies who believe in anything you read.

        • JESSE

          If you've ever seen a black stand-up comic, or any black person on one of the news networks, you'll notice they don't hide their misdirected hatred very well. I am quite aware of the racism of many black Americans, especially having taken courses taught by black men and women in Los Angeles.

        • I'm an American

          Then keep your ass in the fucking Ghetto and hate all you want. Or, better yet, go back to Africa from whence you came. The rest of us will continue to try to prosper and further our ambitions. Want to join the rest of us? Clean your Ghetto up and educate your black asses. Quit trying to buck (pun intended) yourselves up on our sweat and hard work.

          • Larry

            Then how about you go back to Europe from whence you came. Fucking idiot.

            • Not Mexican

              No Larry. Unlike you Larry I was born in this country because my family helped found it as is. My family fought to keep this country free from Europeans. My family fought to free slaves from bondage. My family still fights to keep the world safe and free from tyranny. I don't "go back to Europe from whence I came". You don't need to lecture me about the past because the country I live in was made with my blood.

              • Idk

                This country wasn't made with your blood. Despite what your ancestors may or may not have done that means exactly nothing in terms of what you've done. Claiming that your ancestors (supposed) contributions to building this country somehow makes them your accomplishments is fucking stupid. You've done nothing. And if you're family really is still "fighting tyranny" they are doing a piss poor job. Nobody knows your name or will remember a single thing you've done in this life. You're just as insignificant as the rest of us.

                • Not Mexican

                  Your hatred means nothing.

              • Chilo

                Every white cracker thinks they own the country because daddy was in Iraq. You don't own shit, you're worthless. Your grandpa stole this land from the natives, go back Europe where you belong.

          • pogogogo

            What hard work is that? Insulting strangers behind a keyboard?

          • mmsavior4

            Go back to the sewer you came from you inbred piece of crap.

          • goodness

            well….that escalated quickly..

        • Yeah

          Kill 6 more and we will get a week off.

          • embarassed

            This is perhaps the worst comment I have ever seen on TheChive.

      • Danny

        Cry more bitch, the next President is Latino!

    • Check your Facts

      Let's make it clear. It was Africa that sold slaves to Spain. It was Spain that sold slaves to the rest of the world. It was Spanish Conquistadors that killed hundreds of millions natives in North, Central and South America. It was Britain that was at war with Spain for five hundred years. It was the colonies and the United States that joined Britain's war against Spain. It was the United States and Britain that ended the Spain's slave trade. It was the United States that freed the slaves. It was Africans in Africa that used slaves as currency to trade goods to Spain.

      • Idk

        While I agree with what you're attempting to say, you're doing an awful lot to disregard all those who willfully bought and sold slaves and who profited from their work regardless of what nationality they were.

        • Jack Wagon

          I kinda figured there was going to be a lot of stupidity coming to the surface today…

        • Frank

          Those guys are dead, so move on.

          • Frank

            I don't see too many Fijians being apologists for cannibals. Whats the diff yo?

      • pogogogo

        You've misconstrued and over-simplified a very complex historical issue. It started as Africans selling slaves to PORTUGUESE.

        It was made profitable by the British, French, and Spanish colonies in the Caribbean, South America, and the American colonies.

        "The Atlantic slave traders, ordered by trade volume, were: the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, and the Americans."


        We must acknowledge the real and true history if we are ever to heal from such a thing.

    • GrofDeLord

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  • ChestRockwellz

    I dream of Titties!!

    • nanard

      Keep on dreaming

    • Del

      SO did MLK , he was a freak….

    • ass lover

      fuck yea and asses too. fuck all u fag chivers that down voted this. i know most of u dont give a shit about this and want to see half naked bitches instead

      • Idk

        If this is really your main source of ass and titties than I think it's clear who the "fag" is. Anyway how are you enjoying your day off from high school champ? Looking forward to tomorrow when all you kiddies go back on lock down from 8-3.

    • GrofDeLord

      Wow!!! Man, you break the record of negative votes. Congrats to you 😉


    #21… and all this time I thought I invented that shot….

    • Havardr

      Thats because you are delusional. If its any consolation, he is going to miss that shot.

  • Second

    Ahahahahaha first

  • raylicious36

    A day at work with no new Chive posts, not cool

    • Darrell


  • Eric

    Honoring MLK by taking the day off? I don't think his dream was for internet bloggers to sleep in on a Monday in January.

    • Justsay OyVey

      It was that black boobs and white boobs would bounce together…… Oh wait that's my dream 😀 MLK is/was a good man.

      • Stephen

        I'm still waiting on that day brother. *cough*cough* Chive *cough*cough*.

        • ego

          Good call.

    • Child Please

      Hey man, blogging is hard life.

    • sandy astroglide

      he had a lot of dreams. He had one where he was being chased by a grilled cheese sandwich.

  • Shaolin Killa

    Thank you Chive. Nicely done.

    • blue_bronco

      I wish today's leaders who use his name would actually read what he said.

  • Zach

    Us firefighters won't be sleeping in today and it will be business as usual. I don't think mlk's dream was to have a Monday off for bankers. Oh well, we all just KCCO!

    • Everett

      Same with all of us EMS guys

      • theREALjoe

        And Construction workers

        • CalgaryChiver

          And us Canadians

          • ......

            and Custom Car/Motorcycle Mechanics

            • bmoney

              Steel drafting firm is still in business.

              • windowlicker

                and lawyers

                • Glitter

                  And strippers

                  • Jack Wagon

                    And heavy truck mechanics.

                    • The chef

                      Resturant is still open

                    • Working hard

                      Air traffic controllers

                    • CowboyChiver

                      And Engineers

  • Jethro

    I have a dream. And that dream is full of gap. Glorious gap.

    • Jethro

      I realize I've made a mistake w/ that comment. Truth is, I respect the holiday. It's just that I'm a lowly BP agent (not your favorite oil company) and I've posted numerous super-worthy pics to thechive since late 2010. None have made it. I'm Pretty much finished sending in badass pics. But today's post was awesome. I'll just KCCO.

      Add CHIEF10TANTRUMS on xbox live. See you all on cod.

  • Jesus Christ

    Sorry I took him so early, but he is looking down at the progress you have achieved and is pleased.

    • a-nom

      You didn't take him. Some deranged ass clown did. For a person pretending to be the son of god, you forgot the largest tenet of free will. Racism is not born, it is taught…

      • Jesus Christ

        Sure free will exists but you forget that he had surgery after being shot. I had the opportunity to steady the hand of the surgeon, but my father decided it was his time. I'm terribly sorry but he gets the final say, about everything. It's terrible, "Clean your room! Do as I command! Leave your dick alone! Give St. Peter a break! It's bedtime!" Who the hell makes Jesus go to bed?

        • AtheistChiver

          Go home, Jesus, you're drunk.

          • Jesus Christ

            Tends to happen when you have wine instead of blood.

      • Frank

        Just like I never knew growing up that being White made me a bad person and responsible for most evils in the world. I had to be taught that.

  • Henley

    With the comments some of you are making doesn't sound like a cool community..sounds like a bunch of douchbaggers.

    • Gaerie

      heh, they're mostly a bunch of high schoolers who can't properly search for internet porn.

      "huuurrr, FIND HER!!!!!1!"

      • Mills

        My exact thoughts…

    • socalmarti

      MLK was a MAN what does his race matter, are you illiterate? Did you not read the above post? His message had nothing to do with being black or white!

      • Cool

        On the surface it didn't, but deep down everybody knows it comes down to the color of skin.

        • nevermore

          apart from his famous speech where he hopes people aren't judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character, you imbecile.

          • Name

            Oh I've heard that one…..every year in history class when I was in high school. Got old fast. His speeches changed nothing.

            • a-nom

              People like you change nothing….i'm saddened you learned nothing from your schooling.

      • _DoC_

        I was just pointing out the hard truth why people are being "dbags". I didn't say anything about personally disregarding his message.

        • socalmarti

          Because it's appalling what people will say behind the shield of anonymity, and in case you haven't noticed a black president just took his oath AAAAND the vp was sworn in by a female Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice so your "hard truth" is completely outdated and invalid. The 50's are over and you need to face that!

          • _DoC_

            You need to calm down. Clearly you've taken everything I've said the wrong way (or more likely, the way you just wanted to take it to spout off for no reason). These aren't my personal opinions, just telling it like it is.

            • socalmarti

              IKR I must be on the rag or something, maybe I should just crawl back to my hut with the rest of the vaginas.

              • ...

                you are a very argumentative young lady I don't think Ive seen a post without you arguing with some on actually

                • socalmarti

                  Since when did smart and argumentative start to mean the same thing?

                  • Cats

                    Smart doesn't make you right. You are entitled to your opinion as is everyone else. Just kinda like you got mad at the guy earlier for speaking his mind, but in turn you stoop to his level and that is why we never progress.

                  • ...

                    argumentative means to argue a lot which as I posted is what I find you do. Not a knock against your intelligence. You did that on your own.

    • Guest

      (in tow maters voice) haha shows how much you know

    • G_Had

      The ignorance is strong with this one.

      • _DoC_

        It isn't ignorance, I was just pointing it out. This has nothing to do with me or my opinions, just saying.

        • Steel Jaguar

          It obviously is your opinion if you feel the need to say it. You should just stop because you are digging the hole deeper.

    • Nixx

      I fully agree. Every good person has his faults- He was a great man who did great things! But give the people a chance to write anonymously, and the douche bags come out full force. This is a great community sickened with hateful people that clearly DO NOT belong here

    • davo

      welcome to the internet dude

    • Silverstone

      If you don't like them, STOP READING THEM!!!

  • KeepinCalm

    #12 Smart man…

    • Jake

      Meh, machines, computers, profit motives and property rights have saved countless lives. Thousands of years before those "things" even existed we have had racism, materialism and militarism. It's well observed that rich countries have less crime and suffering than poor ones. Just look at Scandinavia vs the horn of Africa. Sounds like an easy cop-out for people too lazy to think for themselves.

      • GlibTongue

        When has a profit motive, or a propery right saved countless lives? How many lives have profit motives or property rights destroyed?

        If you think profit motives and property rights haven't existed for thousands of years, then I suggest you study some history.

        And what does crime have to do with this?

        And less suffering? Yeah I guess we have less suffering. Just today I saw a facebook post where my sister was complaining that her iPad was broken so she actually had to listen to her husband, and talk/interact with her kids. I guess neglect and ignorance is less suffering than starvation and war.

    • lolwut

      LOL #12 = TheChive

  • McLovin

    Great post!

    "…his greatest gift to us was the brilliant, shining example he set for all men." Well said

    • Del

      TO get into bed with as many freaks as possible, thats what MLK did and wanted..

  • nanard

    Chive's reasoning for once ! Thanks
    He was a great human being, far over color issues. His legacy is priceless.

    • davo

      hopefully all the homeboys in south central LA and Compton learn something from this guy

  • ChiTownChiver

    reddit, yo

  • ChiTownChiver

    Solid post. I'll always have a little white guilt, but more so on MLK day. I'm sure none of you will agree but you know exactly what I'm saying.

    • White guilt...

      White guilt???? Fuck that shit. Get over yourself

      • KKK

        Agreed… Fawk that shit..

    • Jacie

      No need for any guilt..see this day as a celebration!

    • Cool

      White guilt? Idk what's worse white guilt or entitled blacks, but I guess they go hand and hand.

      • Guest

        For one I'm black and I don't feel I'm entitled to anything.. So can you please not say blacks?

        • 312

          He said 'entitled' blacks not all.

          • Indeed

            It's still stereotyping

      • cooler

        entitled whites are worse

        • Idk

          Nah, they're probably just as bad since they both feel entitled based on things that's happened to their ancestors and not them.

      • Indeed

        The phrase is "they go hand-in-hand." Dipsh!t.

    • some random guy

      The ones who should feel guilty are people who play the race card all the time and try to make everything a black versus white issue.
      They didn't learn anything from the example MLK set for them and should be ignored instead of given media attention.
      This is not the 60's, it's the 21st century and nobody should make a big deal out of what color your skin is or use it as a tool for self promotion.

    • jawbone

      Fuck you and your white guilt, you massive twat.

    • JHNWRL

      Guilt is for those who ARE guilty. You cannot make someone healthy by taking their bitter pill for them. KCCO my friend – KCCO. (from a black man in Trinidad)

  • Tanya

    MLK was a good man and didn't make excuses that the white man kept him down. He rose and he fought for us. Nowadays people are being idiots and blaming everyone else for their problems.

    • They took er jerbs..

      Yeah, like how all those dirty illegal immigrants are taking all our jobs!!!

  • Jack Wagon

    So a select few get the day off, the rest of us have to go without FLBP and no gaps. Fuck. Just, fuck.

    • Lauren

      Get over yourself.

    • guess

      Nobody gives a fuck if your sad in this world, now take off that dress and end this little tea party

      • Jack Wagon

        Thank you Lauren, I am now over myself. Thank you.

  • CallMeMaybe

    I had a dream too. Then I woke up and came to work today.

    • Alex

      Yep, no extra sleep hours in Canada either.

    • Stephen

      Be happy you get a day's pay.

  • Meat

    Nice post. Cetainly MLK would have KCCO

  • Fuh Cough

    Happy Piers Morgan day

  • Joe

    You all never miss a chance to not work…that being said you have created the Chive way of life and for that you deserve to rest! KCCO paying it forward!

  • Alex

    #24 #26
    Great post Chive!

  • Eric

    Find any excuse not to work

  • Spike

    #30 beautiful statement.

    For those of you who are posting first and thinking second, shut up. Read. Learn. And try to be 1/1000 of the man he was.

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