Cars I love and she hates (21 Photos)

  • -tj-

    now then, nicely done sir… kudos for the quattro, corrado. scirocco, rs200 and the golf.
    shame about the bodykits, but you can't win 'em all…

  • Roberto Barreiro

    is #1 a honda Prelude?

    • -tj-

      isn't it one of those yank buicks? you know, the one they rave about that looks like a box on wheels?

    • MikePots

      Its an '87 Buick Grand National, Dumbski.

      • BobPlant

        WOW, can you believe those two?

      • -tj-

        said buick, close enough i think. just not my cup of tea, nothing personal.

        • -tj-

          you guys probably grew up hoping to own one some day… just as i did with the MGA, Gilbern, dolly sprint and the TVR M, it's just personal preference.

  • Tank9000

    It's a Buick Grand National… if you don't know that, why are on this site?

    • Anon

      Amen, Brotha!

    • G.POLICE

      why are 'you' on this site

      • BobPlant

        cuz maybe he know and likes cars, why ask a stupid ?

        • G.POLICE

          'because' maybe he 'knows'

        • G.POLICE

          'why ask a stupid' … what


    • mgreen

      yeah no shit…

    • Roberto Barreiro

      you are correct, the 79 Prelude is a lot nicer! I thanks for the warm welcome.

  • leeroyjenkins

    #6 really?

  • donyale

    Ummm…all female here and I prefer an old 72 Chev SS, or a fast back ( Eleanor)….shoot, any and all vintage rides. Keep the new plastic stuff. Some of us like em old, fast & shiny. =),

    • Mike Kunt

      Go make me a sandwich, and when you're finished go wash the dishes.

      • BobPlant

        be nice

      • BobPlant

        oh and the name is soooooo original. how about harry bawls – ah… hilk, hilk,snort

  • Masschine

    #1 #2 #10
    And a few out of state licenses please.

  • EdgeFire06

    #1 FTW

  • Jimmy

    glad to see a 92' talon there, it takes a special kind of love to love the looks of a 1g dsm XD

  • Kevin

    A great list of fine cars.

    A little comment on the fashionable muscle car comments-

    Most of these cars are faster than most muscle cars of the sixties and 70's and certainly handled better. The old muscle cars handle terribly and were very heavy.

    The Grand National was very impressive and I grew up wanting one, maybe not as much as some other cars. It could probably be considered an 80's version of a muscle car, I guess. Buick did make a couple of them in the 60's.

    Hopefully, this misplaced glorification of muscle cars will die down a bit, as it's nothing mostly nostalgia at best- and an effort to drive auction prices to insane heights at worst.

  • @horribly

    Really what? Subaru makes turbocharged Foresters still to this day, it's really not that weird.

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