Girl learns why you never text a dude with a jealous girlfriend and ask for homework help

A girl who texted a male classmate for notes may have ended up destroying a relationship. When she texted her classmate, his overbearing girlfriend responded instead, assuming it was a booty call (the boy was in the shower, scrubbing the scent of crazy off his nards).

When the girlfriend suspected the text was less about history and more about anatomy, the classmate got pissed. She didn’t want no drama. Homegirl was just trying to get shit done.




But the two ladies came to an understanding when the girlfriend revealed the reason for her paranoia. That boy was a cheater. The classmate offered up a solution: drop that trick like a bad habit.


No word yet on whether the classmate got her notes or if the girlfriend dumped her man. Hopefully both came true. Sneaking peeks at your S/O’s texts is never a sign of a healthy relationship.

Stay tuned.

h/t someecards

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