Here’s a f**king life hack for anyone who frequently says ‘F**k’

You may be a bonafide class act but also agree that certain times and places (and, ugh, people) call for invoking the most obscene word in all of English: fuck. And sometimes, you probably want to use that word in a text, because for better or worse, most of us conduct a good deal of our communication with other human beings not IRL but via our smart devices these days. So, for whatever reason, you’re mad as hell, so you try to text “fuck” or “fucking,” but your fucking phone won’t let you! Instead, the uptight programmer behind your OS’s autocorrect decided what you really meant to say was “duck” or “ducking.” (And then, you’re like, “*duck,” “*ducking,” “oh, DUCK THIS shit!”)

Thankfully, there is a new hack for making sure that when you go to type the mighty F-bomb, you actually get what you need. Here, everything you need to know to quickly and painlessly change your whole fucking life.

1. Go into your contacts list, and add a rude name or two.

The columnist at The Guardian tells Buzzfeed that he was so aggravated by Apple’s “puritanical autocorrect” that he decided to add “fuck fucker” and “fucked fucking” to his contacts list, after a friend suggested he do just that. “So the iPhone would just think I knew someone named ‘fuck’ and wouldn’t rudely change it to ‘duck,’” he explained to Buzzfeed.

2. Revel in the fact that you now have so much more time in your day.

Ten out of 10 people on the internet now agree: Thrasher is a g’damn genius!

3. Never have to worry about autocorrect ducking you over—ever again.

OK, yes, there was this other kind of cumbersome way to teach your phone that you’re foul-mouthed, and you like it, but this is so much easier! Now you can be obscene when you want to be obscene, and reference Jon Cryer’s Pretty in Pink character, you know, whenever you want to do that.

4. Enjoy the fact that this can also be where you store the numbers of people who trigger all that foul language.

It’s actually a multi-purpose life hack, you see.

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