This teen got pulled over while dressed like Shrek, and the jokes are practically writing themselves

The world is a relentlessly humiliating place — it’s the only possible explanation for why we consistently run into our exes when we’ve just rolled out of bed, sans makeup.

However, at least I can take comfort in the fact that I’ve never been confronted by an officer of the law while painted up as a children’s cartoon character.

18-year-old Haylee Mazmanian was recently pulled over by a cop while driving herself and some friends to a local Chick-fil-A in Corona, California. To add to her misfortune, Haylee had just come from a makeup class, where her face had been painted to resemble the beloved, green, CGI ogre, Shrek.  

Imagine having to talk to a cop when you look like this:

Haylee was understandably nervous about what the cop would say when he saw her appearance. “I don’t even know what to say to him to make him realize that I’m not like, crazy,” she told BuzzFeed about anticipating the confrontation.

Though the officer seemed “startled” by Haylee’s appearance, he somehow managed to completely avoid asking about the Shrek makeup. Apparently, Haylee was slapped with a citation for an improper left turn, and the bizarre encounter ended there.

However, Twitter was more than happy to make jokes on the officer’s behalf.

Welp. Here’s hoping that Haylee officially learned her lesson about making improper left turns — and the hazards of wearing Shrek makeup in public.

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