Daily Afternoon Randomness (Photos 26)

theBRIGADE doesn't like predictability
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theBRIGADE doesn’t like predictability
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  • Anon

    #11 is the USS Cole, correct?

    • Mike


    • EnglishAs1stLanguage

      I guess the numbers changed, because #11 looks like a couple of Wehrmacht guys. Perhaps you mean #13?

  • EnglishAs1stLanguage

    #4 shopped.

    • TechnoNerd

      When that vehicle puts 5 rounds on you're butt at the same time, you will then know the photo is NOT shopped.

  • ryan

    4 is not a shop do you even know what vehicle that is>

    • smartass101

      XM1203 NLOS-C ?

    • TechnoNerd

      EnglishAs1stLanguage obviously does not know what a high speed camera is or does.

  • KevN

    #17 Saskatchewan roughriders FTW

    • RiderPrider

      Yes indeed my bother. 3-0! Bleed Green!

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