The downside of freedom: Goth weddings (56 Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures of the downside of freedom
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures of the downside of freedom
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  • bigde

    Just weird

  • pokeman134

    i didn't even realize people like this existed till now. thanks chive!

  • ShadowCorp

    I think some of these are kinda cool honestly, only problem I had with all this is the title stating the "downside" of freedom. If there not hurting you, what the hell difference dose it make how they look.

    • spencer

      Good point, it is our freedom as Americans that allows us to do as we please. Suggesting that their is a downside to freedom is ridiculous and goes against the very definition of the word.

    • rekab13

      I couldn't agree more. It would seem that many people want freedom just so long as EVERYONE expresses their freedom in the exact SAME manner.

      • Sam

        How far is too far for freedom?

        • Philo

          I agree totally with ShadowCorp

    • Phuk Ads

      It's "If they're not hurting you". You should use your freedom to go to school or read a book.

      • LeonardoB

        It's not a spelling test arsehole

    • BigDingo

      That was my first reaction. This is pretty much the upside of freedom. People finding happiness in their own way without trampling over others. Also, bitching cakes #4 #37 #53

    • Guy

      Freedom is also being able to say that I think that people who care so much about dressing up and what their face paint looks like , are silly and wasting their time.

      • Shabs

        Thats not freedom, thats just opinion. Be sure to distinguish that from facts.

    • mackeya

      Yeah. It's all upside to freedom if you ask me. Even if it isn't what you're into, just people being able to pursue a bunch of different passions and express themselves how they like IS what freedom is all about.

    • -RA

      Agreed, some of them are pretty weird but a bunch are cool as hell.

    • Od1um

      Spoken like a true butthurt whiny faggoth. How the fuck can you not look at yourself and your pathetic brood and not genuinely contemplate suicide, instead of,ý'know, pretending to for attention?

  • imhotep

    the most horrifyingly ugly people i have seen in years.

    • 'berto

      And I’m sure you’re such a prize, yourself.

      • Thor Mannion

        woof woof ya dog

      • lolnonomous

        #25 he's right. Just look at that'n

  • Some random guy

    well, alrighty then!

  • Jimmy the hand

    Where do you get off, "the down side of freedom"? Not every one has to be exactly like you. People have the right to express themselves, thats what freedom is. I'm not goth btw, i enjoy laughing at them and emos as much as the next man

    • PWNT


    • Thor Mannion

      be quiet a go play with your hand-jacker

    • Nole

      Not everyone has to pretend that they like everyone else. To the author of this page, this is the downside of freedom for him. He's free to say that. Deal with it.

    • Bo Bo

      Sorry Mr. Jimmy Self-Righteous.

  • Mike

    As much as I love death metal (and I honestly do), Jesus fuck that shit is stupid.

    Loving non-mainstream music =/= crying for attention because no one understands the blackness of your soul

    • Od1um

      Death metal? Oh you mean noise that thinks it's music?

  • T-Boz

    OK Ok , You're "out-there" we get it!

  • dolph

    fucking weirdos

  • davey

    #9 that bitch is too fugly!

  • Bruce

    The first picture was way too depressing to look at the others, like emo's. So I skipped right to the comments to write this. Fucking freaks.

    • peanut

      i'm cool for tolerance, but this shit? my ass

  • Da Sandman


    ps: #9like a boss

    • Thor Mannion

      maybe your boss-'GO GET ME SOME EYELINER NOW'

      • Od1um

        A goth would need to be employed first to become a boss. And since that's never going to happen…

  • Adi

    Not a single fuck was given those days.

    • yeppers

      Pretty sure theChive has singlehandedly cliche'd that phrase

  • Brittany

    I would hardly consider this the "downside of freedom." If people want to get married this way, so be it. Who is to say that getting married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas is any better. Hell, if the marriage lasts a while then good for them (that's a feat all in its own).
    The "downside of freedom" is rather having to watch and protect people like those from the Westboro Baptist Church who try to dishonor people's deaths by arriving at the funerals of soldiers. I would think these people are much more normal than them.

    By the way, I think #50 was the most random combination of fairy and kilt!

    • Philo

      Very Well Put

  • Joe

    Oh my lord, people who don't look like you do! Kill them! Cleanse it with fire!

    Honestly, it's not hurting anyone, it's not even affecting anyone else and they're obviously happy.

    Leave it alone, bullies.

    • peanut

      are you gonna cry?

    • Thor Mannion

      OK richard for long

    • @withquotation

      LMFAO! that is exactly what we do every day on thechive. we judge people and situations. you are on the wrong site if you don't want to judge people. go ahead thumbs down me. people don't like the truth.

    • Od1um

      'Kill them! Cleanse it with fire'

      That's the first sane solution I've seen in this thread.

  • Ryan

    Everyone needs to get off their high horses. Stop with the PC crap and just laugh a little instead of trying to lecture people about morals.

  • IRock

    56 pictures and Zero good looking people.

    • daysleeper

      Oh, what about the bridesmaids in #48? They are AT LEAST doable!

  • @The_Scofield_

    Hey, that Toyota ad that won't stop fucking playing should be removed. Seriously. No mute button or anything?

    • BaJezzus

      Jezzus on a cracker people. If you're not using Firefox, then what the hell is wrong with you, and if you are…AdBlockPlus. Learn it…Live it….love it. It's not rocket science ya know?!?

      • CBRian1K

        Yep. Thank God for AdBlock…. Haven't seen one ad on this site. That includes the Dead Space one that everyone was complaining about.

  • Dan

    These people are now working at a McDonalds near you.

  • dan

    Yep, different people have always been the downside of freedom.

  • Basement Cat

    Not sure about the people, but the cakes are awesome!

    #4 and #53

  • Mira

    Love them!!! These people really know what they want. Not the stupid casual white dress…
    More weddings like this please :))

    • Thor Mannion


    • kyle

      Well, it is not really about being casual when wearing the white dress. The white dress is significant in the ceremony of a traditional wedding. Although the signinicance is somewhat watered down due to the tradtional meaning being foregone due to actions prior to the wedding, the meaning still stands. Would be more meaningful I suppose if people wore the white at their wedding under its original premise, it would not be looked at as a simple "casual white dress".


  • Asian_Princess

    I love to know that about 75% of these marriages will end up in divorce:)

    • Semper

      Well hey there bitch!

    • Mithaearon

      ACtually people of the Gothic sub culture are know for their long lasting relationships, they tend to find the right person and so stick with them for life, so your made up statistic is ignorant as it is incorrect.

      • Od1um

        Apparently 'long lasting relationships' is code for 'drug fucked whoring with a side-dish of STDs' now.

    • Anon

      Yeah, because marraige is such a wonderfully pure, wholesome institution. Get a !@$& clue.

    • Ludmilla

      like all other marriages, though

  • Radam

    The "downside of freedom" part is BULLSHIT! Just cause you dont like it, doesnt means its a downside. To these people, I'm sure that it is an upside! Not everyone wants to wear a fucking penguin suit and a white poofy dress for their wedding. I hope they all had wonderful weddings, and are still happily together. Now personally I thought some were kinda cool (#17 #39 #52) but i would never go in public like that. much respect to them for not being "cookie cutter"

    p.s #13 – nice tits!

    • Thor Mannion

      go poke a hole in your face

    • Ryan

      They ARE cookie cutter. Every goth looks like same… it's hilarious when people say they are non-conformists.

      • Od1um

        They don't just all look the same…they ARE the same. Same wretched personality, same trite opinions, same absolute failure at life…

  • putnam120

    Wonder how the kids will turn out. Kind of feel sorry for them, never have a chance at anything "normal".

    • George

      You're really a grade a jackass.

    • Od1um

      They'll realise the sheer horror they've been born into and commit suicide at age 3 by drinking bleach, after which the goth sow will use the dead child's diminuitive skull as an ashtray. The goth boar (boor), meanwhile, won't notice due to it's heroin addiction.

    • baffy

      These people probably came from "normal" parents. So what's your problem, exactly? Not enough attention from the mommy-daddy front result in adult bitterness?

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