This girl kind of scares me (33 Photos)

  • dNm

    this girl needs to get out more!! i bet if she let her hair down and took a sexy chiver pic she would look good.

  • adam

    thats the girl from The Ring?

    did she paint them all herself?

  • bbb

    this girl's father died, who all his life sculpted soldiers.this photos was done in order to pass the soldiers in good hands to hold and make a museum in memory of her father

  • Stevo

    outstanding display of skill.

  • @141characters

    i see some of these pictures and i can smell an old house, and hear complete silence except for a grandfather clock sending clicks through the hallways.

  • Mark Rounds

    Being an old miniatures gamer, if she were 3 times her age or I was half mine, I propose marriage 😉

  • Alex

    Presuming she did paint those, her eye for detail is awesome. That is beautiful work! With that kind of talent, "a life" would be a waste of time for her, what do you think she should be hanging at the Mall, chewing gum. Stick to what you love miss, its awesome! clearly you have an old soul, and patience that most cannot grasp.

  • Dupis

    she is hot.

  • Fan

    I think she's hot too

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