Insanely scary photos of Great Whites catching air (21 HQ Photos)

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  • mchl13

    Divers leave your seal suit at home.

  • equalizermax

    #12 – Hold On Bro

    • Rick

      equalizer, your back…it's been a while and I have to admit, I miss the absolute sh*t show of funny comments you bring to the table

      • equalizermax

        I'm glad I have a fan

        • Rick

          it's a love/hate thing, but I give you credit for being funny a hell

  • Kodos


  • Nicolas

    this is part of an experiment that have took place away from south africa shore line to understand great white shark hunting behaviour and routine. they were draging a piece of rug cut in a fur seal shape to the surface at dawn and dusk (when fur seals are commuting between deep waters to feed or shore to rest). the shark is wandering at the bottom of the sea in this corridor and is watching above him, when a prey is there he is powerfully swimming up to catch the seal this way…the trick is to take the picture at the good time.

    • Rick

      correct, click on the "source" if you want to learn more about the shoot/photographer…and I'm never,ever,ever f-ing surfing S. Africa

      • Henri Fourie

        Not that bad mate, most of the good surf has a crowd of 20+… Still good odds unless you are doing a dawn patrol!!

        • Rick

          it's just one lottery I never want to win

  • sexualniner

    #2 drunk shark, drank too much.

  • Nic

    #4 #9 #15
    wtf 2 penis?

    • Rick

      gimme two johnny

      • will power

        Claspers. Incase one gets bitten off by the larger females?

    • Adam

      They are fish…. symbiotic relationship

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