Round 1: Ravens vs 49ers cheerleaders (73 Photos)

  • Round 1: Ravens vs 49ers cheerleaders (71 Photos)

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  • It's on

    Minn vs green bay

  • Dan

    #19 is amazing, but otherwise the Ravens girls are better (I can't fucking believe I said the Ravens are good at anything, but in this, they are).

  • Bill57

    49ers got it, Let's face it all the women are hotthough I like the uniforms for 49ners better

  • UniballOutlaw

    Gold Rush

  • John

    Miami Dolphins cheerleaders vs. the hags from the Jets Flight Crew!

  • Zmills

    Should do NFL rivalries, I would like to see Broncos vs Raiders personally

    • Rick

      I like it, I was thinking of unlikely match-ups but rivalries would be good too

  • floscar

    #73 JERRY!!!

  • chethive

    #45 FTW

  • numb

    #28 Perfect!

  • Ha!

    #1 #16
    Hmmm. I see you threw a Charger girl into the mix?

    • TROY

      She should get traded to Baltimore;)

  • Blizzard

    Eagles v. Dallas………..E..A..G..L..E..S..EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • faithful

    ninerz all the way


    WOW! I didn't realize that U could post comments!

  • Hector

    The Niners have some hotties: #2, #53, #55.

    But, the Ravens have more: #8, #10, #18, #46.

    However, the hottest hottie of them all is #16. Chargers Win!

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