How many LSU cheerleaders we got on this ship? (78 Photos)

  • Stan_Dalone

    #33 #36 #42 #75 #77 These would be all the motivation I would need to do my best, the reward after the game would be out of this world

    • jet tech

      Couldn't agree more Stan !

  • SBthePost

    i wanna have babies with this post
    southern girls then #78 end with some John Candy love

  • vargr80

    just saying…im from here and Louisiana girls are the hottest around…not to mention they are down for just about anything…drink you under the table? sure, Mud riding and gun shooting? why not?, and they still know how to cook lol. Cajun girls are the best.

    • Geaux Tigers

      Agreed. Im from LA too, and spend every home hame weekend in Tigerland. AWESOME post Chive!

    • float

      fuck you, i dated one from mandeville and she was the biggest whore/bitch ever…so were all of her friends

      • Josh

        Mandeville: Well, there's yer problem.

      • Quicktim

        Mandeville is probably one of the biggest armpit shit holes in LA haha

  • jet tech

    FUCK !!…… I should have gone to LSU

  • Rick

    Pairings don't get any better than this! Great movie, great girls!


  • nick saban

    bcs national championship nov 5. Roll tide

  • Scott

    The best thing to ever come out of the United States was Cheerleaders. It's a shame they can't do anything else right…

  • bkfrijoles

    #33 and #61 i'd love to see them in the morning if you know what i mean

  • yomo

    Mediocrity rules in the United States I see.

    • Chiefs420

      Go fuck yourself you commie bastard.

    • Todd

      Since you need some help with your English. "I see, mediocrity rules in the United States". However, your sentence structure would actually work in Deutschland. So I give you credit for being very worldly and just mixing-up languages. now, yomo, back to faces of pancakes go to…ya see.

  • travesty

    I don't miss Baton Rouge, but I miss LSU…. Good time were had.

  • Will

    im so glad i goto LSU.

  • chicago

    #10 – What's the matter Cournel Sanders: Chicken ? #34 #35 #77 – LSU calendar quality

  • BNola

    #77 FTW! Geaux Tigers!

  • Grammar Ninja

    The ones in the white one-pieces and fishnet stockings are the Golden Girls, and they're not cheerleaders — they're (inexplicably) with the band. Not that I'm complaining, 'cause most of them are finer than the 'real' cheerleaders….

    • justin

      don't forget the toe inducing uniforms…

    • Rick

      sometimes it's tough to fit all the details into a title, and they were hot so I figured f- it

  • R2G Fan

    #33 #75 #77 Perfect

  • mike

    #75….I bet she gives good helmet…..

  • @obrien05

    Next up, Oregon Cheerleaders?!?!

    • Rick

      I was talking about what team to put in with Spaceballs, Mac the intern wanted cheerleaders from U of Oregon…they're hot but I had just done the post on girls from Eugen a couple months ago and I like to mix-up the cities

  • Ryan D

    As an LSU alum, I approve of all that has transpired here

  • ahhhhha

    the not white girl has some serious white girl legs.
    # 13

    • ahhhha


  • ferd terguson


  • Tim

    God Bless America. And Fuck you Iran.

  • pdiddily420

    #41 #75

    "She's gone from suck to blow!!"

  • Bollyver

    #40 Wow.
    No implants on this squad, that's refreshing.

  • moeshere foxdale

    #70 There not cowgirls but hell they will do…

  • Mike

    #55 Talented!! Wonder what else she can do…??

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