New year…same bad ideas for the weekend (40 Photos)

  • NitroKa

    #2 #5 #6 #12 #30 Yes please…

  • Joe

    If #19 is shopped, I'd love to see the original.

    • Dyon

      Yeah, maybe in the original she had breasts!

  • Marcis

    #3 #6 #34 #37 #38 MOAR MOAR MOAR

  • llano2

    #7 Texas A&M doesn't have cheer leaders. They have guys in all white and call them yell leaders. I've never seen pom girls at ATM either. Must be a one time thing, this picture at is. ATM wasn't even coed until the '60s, well unless you count the sheep.

    • Honest

      Instead of looking like an idiot, maybe you should know what you're talking about. A&M has yell leaders obviously, but also has cheerleaders at basketball games, and various other sports (other than football). You may not have seen these girls because you've probably never left your parents basement.

    • Dyon

      Sorry llano2, but A&M has had dance teams on campus for some time now. Get out of the pasture you old sheep banger (your reference to the sheep) and check the campus out.


    • Fernando

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  • slapnut

    #5 is Lacy Chabert

  • Derbymon

    Oh, no,no, no…These are all GOOD IDEAS!

  • haba

    #34 I found her really awesome,somehow she got a tatto with sephiroth with the sword in anime style,kinda awesom,besides that she have a pretty amazing rack:=)

  • Bill

    These girls are beautiful but look a bit young…

  • jimjim

    scroll scroll scroll scroll see #13
    stop, stare at for 5 minutes, mother of god!!

  • derp

    #17 #19 sup with the censorship chive

  • smiley

    #21 damn she has beautiful eyes

  • Wilbur

    Hey, #13, I love you.

  • mith

    #35 ummm hell yes you can have the job Ms Anistin.

  • Motis

    #15 the way the sun rays reflect is awesome!! #30 is just pure heaven Moar, Moar!!

  • Sino

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